With the onset of the festive season, P.C. Jewellers, country’s leading name in Jewellery Industry, has launched their exquisite collection, Grecia, to honor the women in your life; be it a homemaker, an entrepreneur, or an artist who so rightly deserve respect from every corner.

The collection will have more than 250 new designs which will be available in all 84 showrooms of P.C. Jewellers across the country.

Each enthralling piece is attributed to the idea of serenity, happiness, and peace. ‘Grecia’ brings along with itself three collections: Regalia, Regal Affair, and Insignia. It brings the classical beauty of flowers that has been accentuated with the shimmering sparkle of hand-picked diamonds. 

Understanding the changing needs of a woman each jewelry designed tells a story.

Regalia: Creating messages of magnificence. A perfect endowment of beauty of women who go beyond convention to put up a statement that is daring and elegant. Her charisma magnifies with her adornments of panache and grandeur.

Regal Affairs: An aura of tranquility and elegance. Delicate and enchanting designs that captivates heart with femininity and flair to complement her radiance. The timeless pieces that are an epitome of grace, refinement, and brilliance. 

Commenting on the Launch Sheiba Anand, President-Retail Operations P.C. Jeweller said, “Through ‘Grecia’, we’ve tried to represent a powerful women figure; be it a homemaker, an entrepreneur or a woman who is breaking the stereotype. The three collections under ‘Grecia’ attribute to the effervescent charm of women and their exuding splendour”.

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