Amazon India Fashion Week is showcasing its Spring/ Summer (SS) Collection 2018 at the NGIS Grounds in New Delhi. The five-day extravaganza, which ends this Sunday, has over 100 designers presenting their new collection, and features some of the most exquisite attires finished with inventive designs and patterns.

Here is a quick roundup of all that transpired during the event:


Keeping up with renowned Indian fashion designer Wendell Rodricks DNA, Schulen Fernandes retains the designer label’s affinity for minimalism, Goan ethos, sharp colour contrasts, structure and Indian geometric lines. “INDIGOFERA” by Fernandes was unveiled at Amazon India Fashion Week on the first day. The collection takes inspiration from the Indigo plant in various interpretations. From it’s beautiful blue colour to its leaf-shaped silhouettes, from leaf stalk inspired pleating detail to the use of denim, INDIGOFERA is the most modern visual of the fabled Indian indigo dye from antiquity in a paradigm shift for 2018 international fashion. Indigo offset with hues of Ivory, Pale arctic blue, Leaf green, Orchid pink, Marmalade orange, Coral Red, Egg Yolk Yellow and Rose quartz, made for a  perfect summer palette. The palette embraced a variety of fabrics—denim, oxford denim, malkhanon-bailed cotton with a “spring” in the weave, gauze linen cotton and pure linen.


The opening night of Amazon India Fashion Week SS18 witnessed the launch of “Deivee” Collection by designer Nida Mahmood. Collaboration between designer Mahmood and active lifestyle brand Deivee by Milind Soman and co-founder Darshan M., the collection consisted of four distinct lines, each representing a region of the country. The highlight of the collection is that it’s completely made of recycled plastic bottles. It’s made with a quick dry technology and is anti-microbial too. This sustainable Athleisure range also displayed first ever “Running Sari” which ensures that the collection is suitable for all Indian women across shapes, sizes and sensibilities. This collection is a true celebration of India and the beautiful Indian woman. The ramp saw some of India’s fittest achievers walk as showstoppers for the Athleisure brand.


Designer Sahil Kochhar presented his collection “Rooh” at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 on the second day of the event. Rooh that means “Soul”, draws its inspiration from the heart of the jungle. The jungles of India have since forever been an object of curiosity and have had innumerable mystical, mythological and mythical tales attached to it.

The mystique of the Jungle is translated into their signature artworks, which are brought to life by the unconventional textures and surfaces. Jungle silhouettes are rendered in ivory applique on translucent organza, exotic wild flowers that come alive with silk floss 3d embroidery.

The colour palette was a pristine ivory, carefully combined with champagne rose and cashmere blue speckled with ivory dots. The silhouettes had a romantic and ethereal presence, exuding femininity with a hint of androgyny.

The combination of fabrics created a subtle play of opaque and translucent, with voluminous paneled chanderi and organza jackets worn over appliqued dresses, translucent gowns and tops with scalloped hems ornamented with silk floss embroidery and ivory grids created with dots and flowers, all finished with serrated edging.


On the second day of Amazon India Fashion Week, Designer Rina Dhaka showcased her Spring Summer 2018 collection. The collection emanated a summer breezy effect and the flowy fabrics espoused the same, from soft whites with ruffles, lace insets, and shibori tye and dye. The collection uses ruffles with tribal cubical motifs and contemporary geometric prints. It also addressed nomadic influence; and incorporated loose free flowing dresses which were woven and embroidered. The Munna Michael actress and model, Nidhhi Agerwal walked the ramp for the ace designer.


Designer Payal Jain on the fourth day of AIFW showcased her “Forbidden Love”, Spring Summer 2018 collection, which was her ode to Frida Kahlo—the painter, the magical surrealist, the feminist, the revolutionary, the lover and the lonely soul. The essence of this collection lies in its random, unexpected, bohemian expression. The vibrant usage of colours, vivid interpretation of emotions, and stark expression of pain, unfulfilled love, physical and emotional trauma were at the heart of this exquisite collection.


Menswear designer Pawan Sachdeva will present his Spring Summer’18 collection “BARCODE” at Amazon India Fashion Week on the final day. The collection will be all about a readable code in the form of numbers and patterns of parallel lines in forms of varying widths, printed in a way to create an arrangement of alluring designs on the natural fabrics, sewn into ensembles in varying lengths and diverse silhouettes. Consisting of an array of colours that range from grey to blues to black, perfectly amalgamated with the alignment of rows and colours will give this collection a new dimension.


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