Q. How important do you think is formal training when it comes to designing outfits?

Falguni: I don’t think formal training is important to build a career as a fashion designer. It’s inborn and a formal training is not necessary as far as I think.

Shane: There are two types of designers in the fashion world. The ones who are born with the talent and the ones who learn to become good designers. I think formal training gives you a medium to get into your ideas, so you know how to place them. According to me, it’s a 50-50 requirement only.

Q. Tell us more about your signature style.

Falguni: Our brand name is Falguni Shane Peacock or FSP, which also stands for “feathers, sequence and prints”. So, the amalgamation of these three is what we do best. For celebrities like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, we have made creations from sequences and feathers, and they love it. Use of feathers has become popular now but we have been using them in our designs for literally 10 years. We also design luxury Indian wear, which is quite glamorous and includes bridal collection as well.

“This collection was called “Moon Landing In My Backyard”. This collection has a very edgy and futuristic approach in different aspects. For example, power shoulders and the floral motifs that are around the outfits.”

Q. What inspired you develop the design style that you’re now known for?

Falguni: Initially, we tried different designs in India as we were quite new at that point of time. Everything we designed was more Westernised. Therefore, we started displaying our designs at Fashion Weeks in India and abroad.  We finally got big international stars as our clients and after some time, we got the opportunity to showcase our work at New York Fashion Week. We realised that we now had more creative liberty on whatever we want.

Q.  What all advantages does a designer-duo have over other designers working individually?

Shane: Working as a duo has advantages over other designers because we are two minds working together on one design. There are advantages and disadvantages as both the designers have different thought processes. I think as far as creative process is concerned, it gets a bit debatable but from the business point of view it’s good because you have a person working with you through everything.

Q. You have designed for national as well as international celebrities. Tell us about some of your experiences.

Falguni:  I think Indian clients have started getting experimental with their outfits. I do admit that there are still some people who are a bit conservative but that is okay as it is our culture. So, I will say five years back, we did think that India is not ready for what we do. But now India is completely ready and we are designing a lot for India as well. At this point, we are eyeing both Indian and international markets equally. 

Q. Do you think Indian fashion designers have contributed to the global scene when it comes to setting fashion trends?

Falguni: It is quite difficult to crack the international market, I must say. But if you are good with what you do, they are really open to have new talent come in. In our case, I think we are blessed that we are welcomed with open arms and that we have the freedom to experiment with any type of design we want to.

Q. Which designs by the label FSP are you most proud of?

Falguni: It was back in 2012, when singer Jessie J. flaunted our design at “Concert For The Queen: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration” in England. It was a black mesh, sleeveless dress. It featured metallic embroidery in a cool graphic design while the rest of the dress was enriched with vibrant blue feathers. It was really a proud moment for us.

Even Kim Kardashian on the cover of the world’s first 3D magazine.

Also,I would say, was when Beyonce wore our design in her music video “Formation”. The black unique skirt of hers was highly appreciated. Another was the time when Britney Spears donned our creation in her comeback music video called “Work Bitch”. It was a black and white laced dress.

Q. Would you be open to experimenting with some genre other than that of luxury design?

Shane: Yes, we are getting into ready-to-wear outfits. We want to see these dresses on celebrities because they have the power to set new trends.

Q. Tell us about your collection that was showcased recently at the Lifestyle Week in Delhi. 

Falguni: This collection was called “Moon Landing In My Backyard”. This collection has a very edgy and futuristic approach in different aspects. For example, power shoulders and the floral motifs that are around the outfits. Also, this collection is very musically-inclined as the lyrics from some of the songs by Rihanna and Beyonce have been printed on these clothes. 

Q. What are the projects you are currently working on?

Shane: We are opening a number of stores all over India. Also, we have a new accessory line coming up. Shoes and handbags flip-flops and Mens slippers and bags is another thing that we are bringing in the market very soon.  

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