Shweta Singh, a young fashion designer and a certified image consultant is the founder of a clothing line—“Perfect Impressions of Shweta Singh”. The label revolves around the concept of making a perfect impression through mannerisms, etiquette and right dressing.

Singh says, “If you are going to make an appearance, make it the right and just perfect, and this is all Perfect Impressions is about.”

Singh also speaks to Guardian 20 about how image consultation works.  She says, “I work on image management… It’s an ongoing proactive process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance and the resulting response to you and others. The image is ‘you’ in eyes and mind of others. The way you are perceived, evaluated and judged on the image you project. I help my clients to choose clothes for different occasions and help them to decide which styles are flattering and communicate the appropriate message. We work on all aspects of one’s image like how we see ourselves.”

Singh with her training from Image Consulting Business Institute, USA, and her passion and interest in fashion and styling started “Perfect Impressions” in 2002.

Talking about how her profession of an image consultant helped her as a designer, Singh said, “I would say both are inter-related. My fields complement each other. It’s important to tell people to carry right fashion in a right way. Hence, image consulting and fashion designing both complement each other. We meet customers with different problems and mindsets each day.”

 “Each body is different and hence the solution also varies from person to person. We educate a customer on variety of clothing styles that naturally cover, camouflage, counter and minimise to create attractive illusions about body areas that you may consider less attractive or want to emphasise some features of your body.”

Singh helps people groom their personality and image. About her inspiration she said, “I draw my inspiration from women of real substance, a woman who is not perfect, and yet wants to be the one. The real woman and their concerns are my inspirations which make me design the silhouettes, cuts and styles of my new collection.”

She is currently working on a new line of Indo-Fusion wear. The collection has pure fabric tunics, Boho shirts with palazzos, one-piece dresses, easy silhouettes with modern cuts and more.

Perfect Impressions also play around with accessories apart from apparels. The accessories are urban and compliment your daily look. Right from fun neckpieces to quirky earrings to casual bracelets to feminine hats and slippers, they have it all to make you look a Boho chic.  

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