NIMAI is a Delhi-based, multi designer jewellery brand, launched in 2013. The brand is the brainchild of Pooja Roy Yadav. The venture showcases creations of 90 contemporary jewellery artists.  These creations are made out of glass, nuts and bolts, paper and so on. NIMAI recently launched its first in-house product, a bangle called “Promise”. The product was launched in collaboration with Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor.

Talking about the idea behind the name of the product, Pooja Roy, Founder of NIMAI told Guardian20, “Promise is a small word and yet powerful. This inspired us to name our product. At NIMAI, we showcase works of almost 90 jewellery designer from different parts of the country. So when we were looking for creating art for our product, we decided to pay a tribute to the act of promising. She adds, “We made a product which inspires people to fulfill promises.”

The “Promise” is a fashion forward bangle with a secret compartment to store a hand written vow. The bangle costs Rs 2,990. The product is available in two colours, which are gold and rose gold polish. The bangle will be sold in beautiful gift ready boxes that will also contain a pencil and a paper parchment to help write a message.

To make NIMAI’s commitment stronger, the venture began with its first public promise to Laxmi Agarwal, to support her and spread global awareness on her victories.

To this Roy says, “To fulfill the aim of our product we thought of initiating the move and by making a public promise. We came across Laxmi Agarwal who has helped a lot of acid attack survivors to finally come out and break the silence.”

“NIMAI first public promise publicly promises Laxmi a beautiful life and with the sale of every bangle (Promise) we are contributing 3% of what we make. We are very confident that this will help her come closer towards her aspiration.”

The 27-year-old acid attack survivor, Laxmi tells Guardian 20, “I think we can make a change in the world if we fulfill our own promises. What one has promised himself. I think it is a great thought, which would help us keep our own promises. It is a constant reminder to be true to yourself. Its more than just a bangle and I really like the concept behind it.”

NIMAI store is situated in Shahpurjat Village in New Delhi.

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