Hair products have the power to make or break your entire look. It is essential to trust the tested methods in the market for that perfect hair. Adhuna Bhabani, founder and creative director, BBLUNT has some interesting tips to maintain your mane. 

She says, “Winter brings with it the year’s most festive parties, wedding soirees and family vacations, but with all good tidings come the not-so-good news for your hair. Our hair goes through a great deal in this chilly weather—flat, frizzy, static, dull and dry strands are only the beginning of our winter hair woes.” 

According to Bhabani, the key to banish hair concerns in winter is to infuse it with moisture to find the solution to winter breakage, dry or brittle hair, split ends and flaky scalp. BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Hair Serum provides an extra boost of conditioning and gloss to dry hair.

Bhabani has tips for fizzy hair as well. She says, “If frizzy hair is your problem, use BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in cream which will help smoothen your hair and enhance its natural movement, leaving you in charge, whatever the weather.”

She recommends washing your hair less often as over-cleansing can scrub away the protective layer of natural oils that hold in moisture. “Our Back to Life Dry Shampoo is a great solution for this,” says Bhabani. “I think it must be in every woman’s handbag or anyone on-the go. Try our fragrant new variants like BBLUNT’s Spring Fling Dry Shampoo for added volume and BBLUNT’s Beach Please Dry Shampoo for that beachy texture— all do a smooth job of absorbing excess grease & grime and refresh and revamp your hair in seconds.”  

She also is in the favour of limiting the use of heat styling tools. “Take a break from hair dryers, straighteners and curling wands, to prevent hair breakage and embrace the natural texture of your hair.  When it comes to hair colour, it’s all about the texture and relaxed vibe of the hair. Fading is inevitable in hair colour, and since hair grows about half an inch every month, you’ll have to get your roots redone at least every six to eight weeks,” says Bhabani.

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  2. At first thanks a lot to Swati Singh for sharing such a helpful guide and I have pleased to get this blog page. I am new at this. Consider me a newbie on this. I have read your page and gotten much information. Now I have a little question that I want to cruel my hair rapidly by any products but it will be any side effect in my hair. Could you please suggest me? Then I will be benefited by your valuable suggestion. I will await your valuable response with great interest.

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  3. Thanks and in addition Honey and banana mask humidifies the curls and restores hair structure. For its preparation, three tablespoon of banana peels should be mixed with two tablespoon of honey. Apply on strands for fifteen minutes, wash off shampoo.

  4. It is really simple and informative article I enjoyed while reading it. Thank you so much for updating my knowledge I was looking for it on the net I found your article it is really helpful for healthy hair tips.

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