The year has barely begun, and brand-new jewellery trends and styles are already turning heads. This season is dedicated to sophistication and funk, as becomes evident by the latest trinket collections by some of our most renowned jewellery designers.

Talking about the design philosophy of the hour, “Less is more”, says Shreyasi Pathak, stylist at Vajor, an online portal for buying designer wear. She says, “The more subtle you keep it, the more attractive and an impactful statement you make with your look.”

She adds, “2017 was more about keeping it close to the boho trends, like a lot of tassel jewellery that was visible in not only earrings but necklaces, and other accessories like bags, belts and in footwear as well. 2018 is more about shifting the boho trend to a more chic look that is modern bohemian. Nothing that is too hippy will be coming to the markets again. The year will be all about sophistication.”

The main emphasis will be on accessories. “The trend which is becoming popular by the day is wearing multiple rings in one hand only. And new designs for bracelet with chunkier styles are floating the market these days,” Shreyasi says.

Multi-coloured ornaments are also gaining momentum in the world of jewellery design these days. “Colourful accessories are always fun to experiment with. They can be worn with so many outfits and can instantly blow life into your minimalist look. Whether it’s a bright tote bag or a floral scarf in vibrant hues, simple accessories can completely change the way you style your look”, says Pathak.

On the other hand, speaking about precious, elegant jewellery, diamond tops the list of our favourites. “A diamond is ever so classic and a great investment”, says Shehzad Zaveri, creative director, Minawala, a luxury jewellery brand. “What’s better than adorning dazzling diamonds? We design and offer diamond jewellery that looks beautiful in your 20s, looks even more glamorous in your 40s, is classic as ever in your 60s, and is a great heirloom to be passed on to generations. The best way to wear diamonds is in the form of a necklace. The single line diamond necklaces can be teamed with whatever you wear, whether it’s low-cut blouses or more formal dresses.”

He adds, “Currently, pearl chokers are in vogue. Baroque and Tahitian pearl jewellery is popular, too. The chokers have come back in a big way. It is a stylish and affordable way to add a dash of sparkle to any outfit. Chokers studded with ethereal south sea pearls, diamonds and rubies or emeralds are a great choice to complement any ensemble—be it contemporary, modern or traditional wedding wear.”

As trends keep on returning and we keep making rediscoveries, many vintage designs have also made a comeback this year. “Chokers and rani hars are for sure trending again… Also, ear cuffs were the favourite pick for almost all the brides last year and these will stay the same this year as well”, says Rahul Maheshwari, co-owner of Vishal Jewels.

Giving a round-up of traditional jewellery trends which will be in vogue this year, Prakshi Sharma, creative head and designer, Prakshi Fine Jewellery, says, “Gorgeous and dazzling accessories of understated charm, classic melange of trinkets, ranging from dainty chokers, chic hoops, edgy stackable to mid rings are also in trend right now. Pearls, tribal rings, sparkling statement earrings, neo bracelet, edgy wearable sculptures, necklaces, crystal diamond ear cuffs and magnetic pendants will be in trend this year. All this will surely boost one’s fashion statement.”

It is not just women who are excited about such new jewellery trends. There’s plenty happening in the segment that specialises in making jewellery exclusively for men. Gone are the days when men would rely on jeans and t-shirts and not care about their look. Times have changed now.

“In India particularly the choice available for men was really limited. Now there is no dearth of style, cuts, designs and even beauty products. Men are more brand conscious than females in terms of what they wear and use. This has been aptly tapped into by a lot of players in the market and the men from the country have been catered to aptly. The metrosexual male of the country is ready to explore and experiment at this point of time” says Amelia Daswani, celebrity stylist.

This has led jewellery designers to create more pieces oriented towards a male demographics. “Now more and more men are inclined towards the new fashion called ‘quirky style’. This funk fashion is seen in different patterns and designs. From artful pocket squares to wearing cufflinks imprinted with designs like skulls, animal motifs, like an owl or peacock, or even musical instruments, trumpets embossed on accessories worn by men. In fact, the same twist and shades are seen in brooches and lapel pins available for men. This adds more cool quotient to their look and thus is adopted by our young fashion brigade”, says Sunil Mehra, founder and designer at Sunil Mehra, a Delhi-based men’s clothing store.

When it comes to jewellery, men can experiment with different shapes and patterns. “Aztec designs in cufflinks can be explored. They look sophisticated yet classy at the same time. Round or even square shaped cufflinks pairs best with a formal blazer”, says Salesh Grover, business head, OSL Luxury Collections, Corneliani, an Italian menswear brand.


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