With a plethora of shampoos available in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a perfect shampoo for your hair. And often this choice gets more strenuous given a number of shampoos come infused with many chemicals.

A prominent name in the beauty industry, GKHair is trying to help you remove this confusion. Along with leaving your hair soft and shiny, the shampoos by GK hair provides extra nutrition. They use a distinct ingredient in their shampoos which is called juvexin. Arpit Jain, founder of Auraine Botanicals (who brought GKHair in India), speaks about the benefits of juvexin. “Juvexin is the most innovative and a revolutionary find in the hair care industry. Using an environmentally friendly process, juvexin is acquired from pristine sheep wool. It is non-hydrolysed, contains intact keratin and consists of both large and small molecules. Smaller juvexin molecules penetrate the cortex, improve and restore hair from inside out, while larger molecules wrap around the cuticle layer of the hair, creating a protective shield against free radicals such as UV Rays and pollution while providing conditioning and moisturising.”

He adds, “It has anti-ageing properties that help restore hair to its original state while providing protection and vibrancy and the end result is healthy, shiny and natural looking hair. It’s a magic potion that works even on the most over treated or damaged hair. Not only it reinstates hair strength and reduces friction, it also protects hair against damage from heat, pollution or harsh chemicals leaving hair healthier and stronger and less prone to breakage. Juvexin is infused in the entire range of GKHair products available worldwide.”

The shampoos by GKHair are a perfect solution for the over treated and damaged hair. It smoothes down the frizzy hair and makes them more manageable. The constant daily rush can expose the hair to environmental damages and the proteins and peptides present in the hair replenish it to the core. So, for that particular lively and frizz-free hair, one can look forward to switching to the brand which is even a favourite among salons and top hair stylists.