Colour Me Mad, conceptualized in 2014 is an affordable luxury footwear brand that believes in providing you with correct footwear made from natural foot care products.

The concept is to design quirky prints while playing & mixing with pop colours. The collection not only looks good but is also extremely at ease to use, which is proudly made in India. The range varies from flip flops, flats, and wedges; also it has products with printed straps and bottoms.

Footwear at Colour Me Mad is made with “Cork”- one of the best materials used for footwear, it’s natural material is extracted from the tree and has healing properties for the feet whereby it improves body posture, reduces knee & ankle pain and takes shape of one’s feet which have been incorporated with quirky prints thus combining Fashion with Comfort.

Founder & designer Trishla Surana expresses, “I always had a keen interest in design and colours, which gave rise to Colour Me Mad, where I could customize footwear as per my design and play with colours. The natural properties of the material Cork in footwear makes it light in weight, soft but durable, expandable, flexible, and anti-static. Due to these properties, it’s widely used in orthopedic footwear. Cork footwear is very popular in Europe but it’s a new concept in India which we want to flourish over here.”