Prarena Grover

Designer Prarena Grover launched her new collection “The Royal Regime” that was inspired by the royal military. To create this collection she found the details on the uniforms worn by the different factions of the armed forces. After observing the magnificent attires of royal guards and soldiers, various elements were picked up to create the garments. The designer used lines and shapes to map out the embellishment. 

Varija Bajaj

Designer Varija Bajaj showcased her new summer collection “The Flower Child” at the event. Taking inspiration from the state of unrest in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and terror attacks around the world, the line depicted a message of “Live and Let Live”. The collection offers shirt dresses, maxi dresses, shrugs that are perfect for a brunch. Essentially it is a boho collection that focused on pastel colours, asymmetrical hemlines.


Label Bani Couture by designer Bani unveiled their new collection “The Star” which focused more on the cuts, fabrics and the silhouettes. It’s more about the understated elegance of the fabrics and cuts that add to the persona of the one wearing it. The collection comprised outfits that highlight the elegance and style. The collection displayed uniformity and sophistication attached to it gave out an edgy outcome. 

Pam Mehta

Designer Pam Mehta displayed her summer collection of playful colours with asymmetric cuts in collaboration with VIP Jewellers. As the wedding season is going on, the major highlights of the collection were cocktail gowns, lehenga and ethnic separates. The designer tried to add oomph to the traditional attire with a modern twist that comprised statement pieces. Detailed Garment and sustainable fabrics to enhance this collection. 

Hardika Gulati

Designer Hardika Gulati showcased her collection “Dusk to Dawn” that depicted the significance of East meets the West and dawn meets the dusk. The collection was inspired by the first light of morning to the darkest light of night. Gulati also tried to build a connection between the two different poles in her collection. The collection offers jumpsuits, body fit dresses, trousers paired with Victorian blouses and many more.

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