Dastkar is here again to present its third edition of design fair, an unconventional showcase for contemporary craft design, featuring the work of designers working with traditional handicraft-skills in handloom textiles, regional embroidery styles, garments, jewellery, accessories, decorative objects & furniture.  

Dastkar, is a registered NGO working with crafts and craftspeople for over three decades, strongly believes in crafts as a catalytic tool for social and economic empowerment and earning. It helps in bringing the craftsmen from all over India to showcase their talent and skills. It is committed to breaking the barriers that separate craftspeople from mainstream urban markets, reviving and revitalizing both the craft and the community. Partnering with Delhi Tourism, it is developing the NATURE BAZAAR venue in Andheria Modh, in partnership with Delhi Tourism, as a hub for crafts, culture and natural products, linking South Delhi and Gurgaon.

Speaking about the event, Mrs. Tyabji, the founder of this NGO says, “The annual Dastkar DESIGN FAIR at our NATURE BAZAAR venue is an opportunity for young craftspeople and crafts entrepreneurs who are working with different craft forms, techniques and materials. Using these age-old skill sets, they are developing new contemporary products for the urban consumer. The Nature Bazaar enables them to showcase  their creativity and enter the urban retail space that is otherwise beyond their means. It also affords an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and designers to meet, interact and dialogue with young craftspeople – exchanging ideas, skills and experiences. Friendships and knowledge shared at our previous Dastkar design fairs have resulted in artisans being empowered to become designers, and designers being motivated to work with hitherto unknown craft traditions.

The exquisite range of accessories and lifestyle products are handcrafted using finest luxe leather and especially crafted leather yarns. The grace and timelessness of a handcrafted leather product is unparallel.

A unique take on handwoven  Chanderi and Kota cotton by a new design start-up called SWGT, a brain child of designer Shweta Gupta, who has an experience of working with some of the top fashion designers of India like Tarun Tahiliani and Gaurav Gupta, amongst others. Her debut collection consists of contemporary women’s wear in hand woven Chanderi silks and Kota Cotton adorned with techniques of appliqué and hand embroidery.”

It is also about collecting memories and fabrics. The label “Poochki” is designed by Ishanee and Anirudh for promoting and preserving Indian fabrics and traditional Indian arts. Seeing the withering of the importance being given to Indian textile and arts, they decided to focus on re-inventing Indian crafts with a modern interpretation. All their block prints are self-hand illustrated taking inspiration from flora and fauna that we see around us. Master craftsman and National Awardee ‘Shri Arshad Kafeel’ helps them convert these drawings to beautifully crafted wooden blocks.”

Another enterprise called “Antidote” which seeks its inspiration from the age old crafts of hand knitting and leather work. The art of hand knitting not only makes the products enriched with intriguing textures and patterns but also makes each product an inimitable object that narrates a unique story. The exquisite range of accessories and lifestyle products are handcrafted using finest luxe leather and especially crafted leather yarns. The grace and timelessness of a handcrafted leather product is unparallel. Crafted with exquisite care and endless love their products reflect the fine craftsmanship that goes into their making.

So, experience and indulge in contemporary textiles inspired by the traditional crafts of India. From Kantha, Ikat, Sujni and Applique to Bodo, Ari, Ajrakh and Pashmina. Find prints, embroideries and weaves of all kinds brought to life by designs and motifs from around the country.

Also, find a wide range of accessories from leather bags, beaded jewellery, upcycled accessories or the classic silver to stone jewellery. Home accessories ranging from felt rugs to rustic woodware and gorgeous lights and lamps. Treat yourself to delicious cuisines from Afghanistan, Bengal, Bihar, Bikaner, Delhi, Kashmir, Himachal, Hyderabad, Punjab and Tamil Nadu at our extravagant food court. The fair is on till 31 January.

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