Your racer backs and training shoes won’t cut it for that yoga class. Yog, or Yoga isn’t just calisthenics, performed in an empty studio or a park. As the global citizen participates in this ancient practice on 21 June with International Yoga Day, the original yoga prototype has evolved into a school of fitness practices that uses it as its base such as bikram yoga, acro yoga and aerial yoga, requiring dedicated gear to do it. Here are a few places that have developed yoga clothing for contemporary practitioners, designer wear that have been tweaked to suit the needs of your discipline. Next time you are performing the bow pose, or stretching out for the mountain pose, do not waste your time in those shorts that don’t stretch, get these clothing elements in your wardrobe to structure your yoga ensemble, and look graceful during your workout session, while protecting your body.

Reebok yoga wear — tank tops, grip socks, sweater pants and knitted shorts

Reebok’s yoga wear is characterised by bold prints and high performance fabrics ensuring functionality. Their pure yoga pants, sweater pants and yoga capris support you while you perform challenging yoga poses. The Reebok Yoga socks have gel print in front to make sure that they don’t bunch up while in motion. Their colourful sweater pants extend up to the feet, and have the snug fit of warm stockings, with the comfort of drawstring pajamas. Not to mention they look good, so you can throw a coat and boots over it on winter, and wear it outside, with no one the worse without that knowledge. Their tank top collection, with bright floral prints go well with yoga knit shorts, and are apt for a comfortable, no-nonsense workout.Image 2nd

Nike yoga wraps

These wraps may remind you of ballerina shoes. The Nike Studio Wrap is functional, yet stylish. The wraps come in simple block colours, and are quite minimalistic. Nike claims that these wraps were made after 30 rounds of prototypes and many wear tests since they had a completely different approach to enhance a yoga studio workout. It isn’t necessary to wear these while you may be doing yoga, and while yoga may be performed bare foot very well, they are very convenient if you are finicky about dirty floors or smelly socks. once you get used to the concept, since there is no sweaty or slippery feet, no bunched up socks involved. Additional good news for feet-conscious folks — these studio wraps give your feet a sexy silhouette.

Stretchery — Organic T shirts and fitness wear

One of the smaller brands in the circuit, Stretchery concentrates on making organic, breathable clothing to suit your workout. Stretchery’s collection has sweat free tee-shirts made of cotton, organic equipment wear, cotton tank tops in soothing pastel colours, and yoga figurines on its borders. Now you may spend your morningsoutside in the park forgetting about the pollutants that may mar your latter part of the day, and do so while wearing organic cotton active wear thanks to them. What is more, their tees come packaged in khadi coloured cotton string bags, to a more peaceful place. Stretchery is available on its online store, as well as select outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. (Check their in-stores section on for more on this.)Score Card

Other than these, you can also find yoga dedicated clothing at Anupama Dayal, Hemant & Nandita and Pia Pauro’s designer outlets.

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