There has been a major transformation in the way men approach their grooming routines and habits these days. Gone are the days when the grooming was reserved for the fairer sex. Increasingly, men are becoming more concerned and conscious of the way they look.

Nowadays, men are willing to spend lavishly on their grooming and personal care products. More and more men are heading to reputed salons to avail world class grooming services. In past, men were mostly into using toiletries (shaving products and deodorants) but the change in mindsets as well as the success of these products have led companies to launch more of such products that cater exclusively to men, namely beard wax, hair wax, face wash, moisturizers, hair gain tonics and anti ageing creams to mention a few. Hence the men’s grooming industry has evolved.

e, a fashion stylist also believes that the industry has burgeoned over the years, and says, “Of lately, men have realized that skincare and hair grooming are something worth paying attention to. The men’s grooming business is booming and 2016 is supposed to be an exceptional year for related businesses. Hair is an extremely touchy subject and naturally hair products are most popular amongst all the other products. Grooming industry understands all this and finally we have an area in a beauty shop totally dedicated to men’s products.”

Shahnaz Husain, founder of director of Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies, says, “I believe that looking good is not just a female prerogative. In fact, there have been some prominent trends in the cosmetic industry over the last few years. One significant factor has been the growth of the men’s personal care business. This includes salon care for men. Today, men realize the importance of the appearance; that looking one’s best imparts self confidence, very necessary in today’s competitive career world. Moreover, there are many jobs in which the appearance counts. Exposure to global trends is also a factor that has contributed towards the demand for male grooming products and salon care.”

The flourishing market of men’s products owe heavily to the modes of promotion, which plays a key role in increasing the sales of such products. Making a celebrity or a sportsperson brand ambassador is considered a trusted formula these days.

On being asked what distinguishes men’s creams and lotions from women’s creams and personal care products, Husain says, “Fragrances are one point of difference. Men go for fragrances which provide a fresh feeling, like sandalwood, lemon, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon grass. They prefer light, spicy and woody fragrances, rather than flowery ones. A man’s skin is tougher than a woman’s skin. It has larger pores and more secretion of oil. That is why the use of scrubs helps a man’s skin, to keep the pores free and provides a refreshing cleansing routine. Men also spend more time outdoors. Therefore, male skin is more exposed to the sun and environmental effects. Two of the most important aspects of a daily routine for men are cleansing and sun-protection. Hair tonics and hair styling products are also more popular among men.”

Manisha Chopra, co-founder of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals and make-up artist, says: “I believe, for men and women there should not be much difference when it comes to their creams and lotions and skin care products. There should not be something specifically on gender wise categories. If you go for salon services you will definitely notice that men and women products are commonly use products.”

Since men don’t devote as much time to their grooming as women, companies have started launching all in one or combined products such as shampoo and conditioner etc. On this a relatively new trend Hussain says, “A two-in-one product, like shampoo and conditioner, after shave-cum-moisturiser or face wash with scrub particles are suitable for men. As I said, men need versatile products, so that the skin-care routine is not too time-consuming.”

On the other hand, Chopra has a different take on this and says, “This is all about how skincare companies portray and market their products. But as per my opinion, I never recommend men to use these combined products because what you can achieve in three different products, you can never achieve in one single product. And most importantly men’s fashion scenario has changed and they now want proper care of their skin, hair and overall look which is impossible, if they use a single product for both body and hair.”

Men’s grooming products are way too costlier in comparision with the female’s grooming products. Anuradha Singh says, “The difference in prices mostly has to do with branding and exclusivity of a product. Men’s range for grooming product is fairly new and is yet to reach its peak in the market. Women have endless options ranging from luxurious brands to cheap pharmacy pickups whereas men’s products have limited options comparatively and that doesn’t give them the option to look for cheaper alternatives.” 

There was a time when men hardly invested in cosmetic products. But not anymore, men are more conscious today about the way they look and invest heavily for the same. It’s not hard to imagine that the luxuriant personal care market will further expand in the coming years. 

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