Anti-Paparazzi Scarf and Hat

Usually to avoid the hordes of fans and photographers celebrities cover their faces with cloths or with different kinds of masks or sunglasses.  But most have now adopted this new tactic: wrapping a scarf or just putting a hat on their head. Not to forget, these scarves and hats are not the usual ones that you see around the market. These are designed from a fabric which is highly reflective. So with the fall of a camera flashlight, it lightens up rapidly, thereby darkening the rest of the image.

Anti-Paparazzi Jacket and Hoodie

Anti-paparazzi jackets and hoodies available are now available in your average celeb neighbourhood. Stars no longer have to go to great lengths to avoid cameras — just put a hoddie on. These anti-paparazzi jackets, working on the same principle of reflecting excess light, make it virtually impossible for someone to photograph you. Top celebs in Los Angeles are buying these by the truckload.  

 Anti-Paparazzi Suit

Many well-known faces have been in the news for assaulting tabloid photographers, pushing them away or even breaking their cameras. They can now calm down. Designers have come up with anti-paparazzi suits as the perfect antidote to unwarranted media attention. When a photographer uses flash, the light bounces off the suit material which is great at reflecting white light, leaving the face of the person obscured in the final image.


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