Personal grooming has turned out to be one of the biggest markets in today’s world, with billions being spent on simple cosmetics or grooming products that take pride of place in the vanity boxes of people from all walks of life.

For men, one very important aspect of personal grooming is having a good shave. As the old saying goes, a clean shave is what differentiates a man from a boy.

Fifteen minutes with your television or even Youtube these days and you are bound to see at least two advertisements by Gillette. Now Gillette is an American company that is leading the world over when one talks about personal grooming for men.

So much so that its range of products on offer are highly expensive with no close rival. Challenging this monopoly, a Delhi-based entrepreneur has launched a new startup known as the Spruce Shave Club. This enterprise aims to deliver high quality, American made razors and specially formulated shaving accessories at affordable prices right to your doorstep.

As per Aditya Advani, CEO and founder, Spruce Shave Club, “Our aim is to bring to India a smarter way to shave. We have partnered with one of the largest manufacturers of shaving razors to bring high quality American-made blades to the doorstep of every Indian at an unbelievable price.”

The company aims to introduce to urban Indian men, an easier and more cost-effective way to shave. By partnering with one of the largest manufacturers in the world, they are bringing high quality, American-made blades to the Indian market at a fraction of the cost of current market leaders. Moreover, Spruce Shave Club’s elite and high quality shaving gels and post shave balms made with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin-E and other ingredients with antibacterial, antiseptic and soothing properties complement its high quality razors to provide the perfect shaving solution.

The company also offers subscription plans to eliminate the hassle of going out or even going online multiple times to buy razors. You can simply choose their razors, choose their plan, pick how often you want the box delivered and you are set for an entire year. Their boxes will be delivered to you at the frequency you have chosen. If you don’t like a suggested plan, they can customize a plan that best suits your routine.

“We want to change the way India thinks about shaving,” adds Aditya. “With our high quality American made shaving razors at a fraction of current market costs, we are well positioned to enter and compete in the Rs. 2400 crore Indian shaving industry. Moreover, the subscription model is a new and unique method of product delivery that makes ordering products extremely efficient for the consumer.”

In order to woo the company has come out with a unique plan. “Customers go to and enter the first page of the micro site. Here we ask customers to simply enter their email ID. After entering their email, they simply click on the “Continue” button. After pressing “Continue” they are redirected to the second page. This page provides the consumer with a unique link which they are asked to share to facebook or twitter. Then, every person who clicks on their link and signs up on our pre launch counts as a referral,” explains Aditya.

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