Monsoon is one such time for which Delhi people wait impatiently. And why they shouldn’t? Rains are always delightful and they also bring relief from scorching heat. It is welcomed as a delight.  But one has to be very precise and careful regarding fashion in monsoons because sometimes a gloomy weather can take a toss on one’s style. It’s very hard to play with fashion when it comes to rainy season. 

Read up this piece if you want to look stylish and chic even in monsoon. Guardian 20 brings you the wise words of young designers to help you look oh-so-perfect during this monsoon. 

Monsoon always comes as a challenge for fashion lovers. There are not many fabrics that can be tried and experimented during the dizzy weather. “But cotton is the best fabric for humid weather. One must add loads of white, put on breezy fabrics and opt for styles which don’t cling to your body and allow you to breathe,” says Mamtaa Gupta, Founder & Owner, Buzzaria Dukaan. 

“Few fabrics that are suitable for monsoon weather is mulmul, voile, cotton crepe and cambric. Touch of white, through laces, piping, trimmings, motifs, printing, embroidery, works wonders for the monsoon wardrobe. Styles which end at the ankle and not those which touch the ground are perfect. Also, this season off shoulder, layers and asymmetrical and crop tops are a hit. Whereas, white, indigo, florals are the prints and colours which are in vogue,” adds Gupta. 

Thanks to Bollywood inspired fashion, saree is to stay in fashion for a long time. For Anshul Paul, Director, Nargis prefers saree fashion over others especially during monsoon. According to him, in this weather one should go for the colours like blues, orange and red. One should wear darker colours and ditch lighter colours like creams and whites. It’s better to avoid fabrics which stick to skin and opt for chiffon or poly georgettes fabrics. Cotton sarees are not at all good for monsoon because they stick to one’s body and can make one look awful. 

He says, “The fabrics which could be worn during monsoon are light cotton and partially synthetic lycra, polyester and nylon. The best choice is the silk cotton sarees, polyester mix saree or a synthetic saree. They come in various delightful bright colors. It is also advisable to keep away all your heavy brocade and designer saris and try to opt for a light weight printed sari.”

 In Monsoon, ethnic wear are not left behind to make you attractive. Kurtas give ease to body and are breathable form of garments. One should not opt for white, as it gets dirty very easily, rather wear bright, vibrant colours like blue, red, orange etc. Also it can be clubbed with various bottoms like churidars, palazzos or even denims to fit in the occasion,” advises Rajesh Jain, Business Head, Rangriti.

“Dark colour churidar and leggings are the smart choice for monsoon. Instead of wearing long dupatta, you should use scarf and stoles. You can also wrap up your hair with scarves to protect it from moisture and dirt. You can wear multi coloured beaded jewelleries to kill the monotone of dullness. Monsoon is all about colours. All colours from saffron to blue and corals are in vogue. If you work in a strictly formal environment, carry your formal shoes in a bag or keep them in your office cabinet,” adds Jain. 

 (Left above & below) Collection from Faballey and & Outfit from Buzzaria Dukaan(Right).To enjoy the occasional downpour all you have to do is be monsoon ready. One should keep in mind that skirts and dresses can be a messy affair in monsoons. But the fashion in the season would be incomplete without a skirt and a dress in your wardrobe. So all one needs to do is to carry it stylishly. Tanvi Malik, co-founder & CEO, Faballey, says “When it comes to picking pants for monsoons, darker colours are your best bet. Pick out colours like olive, navy, black and brown. Get your hands on fabrics that are light and quick to dry, for tops and blouses opt for versatile fabrics such as chiffon and nylon. Try and layer up before you leave so just in-case you get drenched your layers will be your saving grace. While your clothes do the talking don’t leave your accessories behind. Take the monsoon spirit to the next level, coordinate your accessories with your ensemble.” 

For Rina. S. Walia, Stylist,, denims are a big no-no. “Ditch the denims. The coarse material refuses to dry throughout the day and let’s not even talk about the rashes! Opt for quick-drying linen pants and shorts. Marry the umbrella. Literally. Stick it you yourself everywhere. Rubber shoes are your saviour! Pack your leathers and suedes if you have any regard for them, and live the monsoons in rubbers.”

So, the verdict is go away with leather shoes instead opt for those colourful ballerina flats, jelly shoes, floaters or even crocs with colourful clothes. Make sure to get sturdy footwear with a good grip so that they are slip-resistant as one slip can spoil your whole month. Happy monsoon to you.

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