Swarovski has launched Confluence which is a new line of crafted jewellery on 19 September at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. Confluence is a debut collection which features design crafted by the leading fashion and jewellery designers like Amrapali, EinaAhluwalia, Gaurav Gupta, Isharya, JJ Valaya, Manish Arora, Outhouse, Pernia Qureshi, Rohit Bal, Shivan & Narresh and Suneet Varma..

Speaking on the new line of crystals from Swarovski and how Confluence is different from the other collection launched before, Vivek Ramabhadran, managing director, Swarovski Professional India, said, “Confluence is an attempt to bring some of the best creative minds of India together and deliver an offering with beauty that sparkle to people who have a discerning taste and eye for design. It is not only a new platform but it also has a way different operating model.”

He puts light on how it works,  “In our first effort, we have developed a wonderfully eclectic jewelry collective with each piece carefully crafted, with a story behind, bringing the heritage of Swarovski and the vision of each designer blended together. We have launched around 180 designs this time. This is only the start and we will keep pushing creative boundaries by working with more and more creative minds, and selectively expanding our distribution into the hands of those who truly appreciate it.”

Swarovski crystals are available in beautiful shapes, sizes, effects and myriad colours. 11 fashion luminaries are coming together to offer their customer a fabulous palette of inspiration Advanced Crystal designs by sharing the drawings with Swarovski and they turn them into beautiful jewelry. On this Vivek added

“Unlike before when we would simply provide the crystals to designers, here we are manufacturing the designs ourselves.”

Swarovski is a premium brand, which design and manufacture high quality crystals. It delivers diversity in quality, craftsmanship, and creativity. It is recognised for its innovative excellence and its collaborations with vogue designers and brands in the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting industries across the world.

Leading fashion jewelry designers are dealing with the business but what is their viewpoint towards it. Vivek says,”If you look at accessories part, there is lot of stories of designers tying up with different brand in the last couple of years. The factor behind this is scalability. When we took this offering, they were very excited and had many ideas especially some of them were already Swarovski users on how they wants to take Swarovski and make jewellery.”

The range of the newly launched jewelry line is from Rs 4,000 to 15,000 which is quite affordable for the customer. WhenGuardian 20 asked about the target audience of Confluence, Ramabhadran said, “We see a market for this jewellery collective among Indians living abroad —in the US, in Hong Kong, Singapore etc, where Indian designer led Swarovski products. There are two kind of customers, we deal with one is the high end high profile who can easily afford and another one is the aspiring customers who are willing to buy these products. We are looking forward in both manners.”

Vivek informed Guardian 20 about the upcoming projects, “Confluence is a new business line we have to focus on it. We will launched new designs in Confluence itself and provide more exquisite jewellery. As a first of its kind, this jewellery collective demonstrates the vibrancy, colour, craft, workmanship bringing alive the signature, vision of each designer. I hope people would love it.”

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