Laurelle London is a leading global company who design and manufacture fragrances. Founded in London in 2006, Laurelle is an innovative company producing fine fragrances for worldwide distribution. They work with a large number of multinationals. The creative design team stays on trend and creates brands that speak to customers. 

2016 brings expansion to the business with the opening of their own manufacturing and production facility in the UK. From high street to high end, the in-house design team work tirelessly to create and maintain exciting ranges of fragrances for private labels, as well as for their own brand.

Laurelle London launched their Indian Branch Laurelle India, which offers a contemporary range of fine fragrances suitable for men and women. They have in-house creative team who follow trends and fashions to produce cutting edge products. They assure that they will provide its customers contemporary and bespoke fragrances that everyone could enjoy. 

They have a range of products for men and women both. One of them is Racing Green for men. It comes in two categories , Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette

Eau de Parfum is crafted as a tribute to British Heritage. This debut fragrance translates its active aesthetic into an aromatic Eau de Parfum. Leading with a sparkling and warm layer of fresh fruits and peppermint on a bed of spices, it is sure to enliven its customers.

The Racing Green Eau de Toilette inspired by classic British style is a long lasting sophisticated intense fragrance whose top notes bring freshness, uplifting and energising bursts of fresh grapefruit while the heart notes are enhanced with violet Accord, an aromatic scent which is full of sweet sensuality. Intensified based notes of Tamarisk Wood and Amber have an enveloping and sophisticated dry down. With the USP of Made in England, they are producing for Racing Green, SJP and Laura Ashley. Other options for men include  Refresh Pour Homme, Sphere Pour Homme, Urban Man, Him, L Him, Locked.

 The Laurelle team assures that every aspect of design and production are flawless and maintains the category by keeping it fresh and current with constant updates and seasonal programs. 

Women love fragrancea and  keeping that in mind, Laurelle creates fragrance, which gives a sweet floral, sexy smell. One of the options for women is the sexy shoo- red which has a light, refreshing floral scent that is perfect for feeling sexy and care-free in your favorite pair of high heels. This distinctive bottle is filled with a refreshing, delicious combination of light, fruity top notes, which with wear, transforms into a delicious combination of patchouli and vanilla.

Another option is True Love which is Eau de Parfum, capturing the clarity of flowers just after the rain; this floral fragrance is a delicious blend of lilies, peonies and jasmine. One can also go for Sweet Pink, Sexxy-Shoo Neon Nights Miami Yellow which is a Eau de Parfum, an explosive mix of Pineapple, Mandarin and Papaya which will hit you when  its first  sprayed on you. Sweet middle notes of Peach and Candy fuse together leading to a base of warm Coconut, Sandalwood and Musk. And Sexxy-Shoo Neon Nights Vegas Orange, which have a fruity fragrance gives an exotic feel, and can be counted as a viable option.

The products will be available on all online platforms from December itself . But for now, one can find them on Amazon, Nykaa, so forth. 

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