by Pali Sachdev

Monapali have created an exclusive line of handcrafted and hand-embroidered dupattas and also blended them with jackets to create single sleeved anti-fit wraps. Blending various art forms, embellishment techniques and printing techniques, these dupattas take on a new avatar that seek to revive exemplary craftsmanship. This collection stands true to the ethos of the marque. The collection brings to the fore the lost heritage of craft and is an ode to the ethos of India.


by Aneeth Arora

Calling herself a “textile and dress maker,” Aneeth Arora takes inspiration from what surrounds her, to make a product that connects with people and their culture. Arora infuses international aesthetic using local material and skills to create effortlessly stylish and trendy clothing. The collection showcased block printing of natural colours.  It is all in black and white to go with the current season. This collection was made after collaboration with weavers of Bhuj in Gujarat.


by Rina Singh

Eka is a handcrafted label for women. The collection attempts to transcend boundaries of shape, age and race to offer universally adaptable clothing ideas. The fashion statement thus created is unique, ageless & individualistic. The collection explores Indian sustainable textile techniques, handmade in small craft sectors in India to crate contemporary seasonal collections; the inspiration is authenticity in nature, people & places. Its uncomplicated palette allows texture, fabrics & silhouette play.


by Swati Kalsi

The collection is titled ‘monad’ meaning indivisible. The showcased collection had one-of-a kind piece and ready to wear silks, cotton silks and wool silk fabrics in Ivory, gold, madder, emerald and black. Exclusively handcrafted with Sujani embroidery from Bihar, a small range of Jamdani sarees and stoles and one-of-a-kind jewellery designed to go with our clothing were also presented. The silhouettes were inspired by world culture.

Flora for Fauna 

by Dhvani Behl

With this collection the focus was to create comfortable chic clothing with silhouettes inspired from the Funk era of 70s fashion. This collection is all about flamboyance: with pointed collars, big puff sleeves and other funky details. The prints in this collection are a microscopic view into the depths of the jungle, full of details and colour. Digitally printed on beautiful hand-spun silks, the label is a luscious collection of contemporary clothing for men and women. 

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