NeceSera is a loungewear brand, which was founded in the year 2017. The brand curated with an aim to facilitate comfortable clothing. Designed in Europe and fabricated in New Delhi, NeceSera is the brainchild of Riddhi Jain. With the tagline ‘Notch up your Comfort’, the brand thrives upon quality and provides personalized luxurious comfort zone through its illustrious garment range.

India houses numerous nightwear and fashion brands but there is a paucity of loungewear brands which offer comfortable clothing that not only looks good but also feels good. NeceSera is here to fill that void with its illustrious high-quality range of comfortable loungewear that can be worn at home while sleeping, lounging and even travelling. NeceSera offers the best of the two most important aspects of loungewear- fabric, and designs.

“Fashion trends go out of fashion, winter wear is seasonal, beach and resort wear are both very specific to holiday destinations, but loungewear is something everyone needs every day. No matter the season, the location or mood”, says Riddhi Jain, Founder, NeceSera.

After researching the best fabrics across the world and spending time in high-quality prototypes of new fabric combinations, NeceSera came up with their current range of fabrics which has a blend of perfect texture, feel and fall. The raw materials are deftly maneuvered to create products that not only please the eye but are high on sustainability and durability scale too. In terms of designs, the offerings by NeceSera are inspired by European architecture, spring blossoms, and also by the intricacies of Moroccan tiles. The designers based out of Europe put together these mood boards to create new prints for every season.

NeceSera is a socially and environmentally aware brand and ensures in having a greener workplace by recycling 70% of the water used during production. Also, environment-friendly digital printing instead of regular rotary printing, as well as eco-friendly garment dyeing methods, are opted to reduce the consumption of electricity and lower the generation of chemical waste. They also often work upon cycled collections, which are essentially made from left-over fabrics for zero-waste manufacturing, in addition to the main collection.

At present, NeceSera offers nightwear’s comprising of pajama sets & sweatshirts and loungewear consisting of track pants & lounge tops. They intend on launching capsule collections for more basic styles that will stay year round, as well as non-clothing items such as cosmetics that inculcate the idea of comfort, in the future. The collection is available at

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