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Meal for two: Rs 1200

Fabelle, the luxury chocolate brand from ITC Foods has launched their “As You Name It” campaign taking personalisation to a whole new level. It gives the chance to all the chocolate lovers to create their own chocolate cupcakes and also name it after themselves.

The brand is known for its delicious taste of chocolates which has completed ten years in India. The compelling taste of the soothing chocolates has increased its demand in markets every day. The chocolate boutique has outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Calcutta. The outlet has tremendous variety of chocolates which includes ganache, gianduja, assorted chocolate beverages, handcrafted pralines, signature entremets, and many more. Keeping the diabetic chocolate lovers in the loop, Fabelle has also created a new category of chocolates which are sugar free and delightfully blissful at the same time.

Sreyoshi Banerjee, Jr. Sous Chef at ITC Maurya, says, “As You Like It cups are named so because you can customise it the way you feel like. We have choice of dark chocolate and milk chocolate cups. We also have variety of ten toppings and seven fillings as options for the customisation. We do not put preservatives in our chocolates which make it more sensitive to the temperature. The shelf life of these cups is 90 days from manufacturing and so we accordingly notify this to our customers so that they can enjoy the best taste out of it.”

She adds, “We process our own chocolate. We provide our buyers with various degrees of darkness in the chocolate available in different parts of the world such as Ecuador, Venezuela, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Ghana and so on. Also we have kitchens which we call our studios where we do all our preparations. We don’t have any curtain or any kind of door. People can come and see what the chefs are doing and there is nothing hidden from the customers.”

People nowadays feel more inclined over personalised stuff. This initiative adds more fun to world of chocolate by making it more captivating and alluring. As a part of this campaign, people were encouraged to participate by making their own customised cupcakes and also naming it after themselves.

According to Hemant Malik, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC Foods Division About ITC Foods, “An enhanced level of inclusivity is what defines a memorable luxury experience—the more the involvement, the more enriching the experience becomes.”

 Fabelle has also started their classes for women where they teach them how to do all the preparations. Here practical knowledge is preferred over theoretical.

People looking to experience different variety of chocolates and a more innovative way of having cupcakes might want to visit the Fabelle.

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