Burger Singh

With its firangi flavour of exotic burgers, Burger Singh is the place to go to satiate your desi cravings. Opened in 2014, Burger Singh has now spread to nine locations in Delhi-NCR and is also a major spot for late night food cravings of foodies across NCR. The best selling Amritsari Murg Makhani Burger with a flavour of Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken is the most sought after burger here. If you want to experience a much satisfying burger, then you have to try the Patiala Shahi burger, which is the heaviest burger in the market with 200 gm patty and molten cheese oozing out from the bread.  Amongst vegetarian options, the Udta Punjab Burger and the United States of Punjab Burger are the must-try. To make this a more memorable and satisfying experiment, try out their mouth-watering Dilli-6 or Hot shock fries. You are bound to have a drool-worthy experience here.

Café Delhi Heights

Juicy Lucy Burger at Café Delhi Heights is a sure thing. If you have been in the city for long, and are a true foodie, you cannot miss this piece of heaven. Sesame seeds buns with tender lamb minced in the patty, seasoned with in-house rubs and spices, molten cheese oozing out of the burger topped with jalapeno, mayo amongst other yummy ingredients, the burger is the guilty pleasure of many, Virat Kohli being one them. Another thing to try would be their open chicken burger flowing with melted cheddar cheese, jalapeno infused béchamel with chicken chunks inside the classic sesame seed buns and is enough to fill you up for hours. If you’re a vegetarian, try their Delhi burger for the reminiscence of Delhi streets.

Fork You

What’s better than customizing your burger according to your mood, tastes and preferences? Fork You in Hauz Khas village is the perfect answer to customizations of your junk choice: Burgers. You get to make your own burger choosing amongst various gourmet option. The restaurant offers 16 of its juiciest and yummiest burgers like tenderlion cheese burger, the casanova featuring chicken with 3 cheeses, Babe in the city, Mexican burger with either chicken or beef, and the baconator. However, the star attraction remains the Make your own burger. You can slather on as much oodles of cheese you want with bacon. Load it on and on till you are ready to burst. A piece of advice: Go empty, come full.

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café was the first to introduce huge burgers to Delhi. The ultimate legen-wait-for-it-dary burgers of Hard Rock Café are the real deal of burger lovers. Not only because of it has the Chicken Legendary burger weighing approximately 10 oz with 3 crispy onion rings, but also because it serves other yummy burgers from Tennessee to France and New Delhi. Even though the legendary burger has stood the test of time, the original legendary burger, which includes bacon, golden-fried onion rings, pickles to boot and layers of cheddar cheese is the . The big cheese burger, with the choice of three thick slices of American cheeses, lettuce, tomato and red onions, is equally delectable.

Smokey’s BBQ and Grill

For burger lovers looking for more than chicken and mutton varieties, Smokey’s BBQ and grill is the place. With the major attraction of bacon and lamb burgers, the place is popular for the unique flavours it offers. The different flavour in the burger comes because of thyme and oregano, as the 8oz lamb patty burger is served with baconnaise to make it a hearty and full-fledged meal. Amongst other delights are Fried Chicken and Sausage Gravy Burger made of crumbed chicken minced patty, which is marinated with smoked paprika and thyme, and is served with diced sausages and cream cheese. Pulled Pork Burger and Lemon Grass Cottage Cheese Burger Spiced Tomato are other appetizing delights.

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