The Classroom

The Classroom, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Meal for two: Rs 1,200 + taxes

The Classroom, pays an ode to the most glorious days of school life. A restaurant that will make you relive the “back to school” spirit. The loud banter as we would huddle in groups or the orderly arrangement of the morning assembly; the free-spirited run at the sound of lunch break or the thorough obedience to the eight periods of the day…those memories are the sweetest, aren’t they?

Promising an ultimate throwback, the restaurant has got everything covered from blackboards to dressing up the staff in school uniform. The Classroom has paid attention to details and recreated the nostalgia with elements like desks and chairs, mischievous messages on the boards and walls including “FLAMES” (remember?). The menu resembles pages from holiday assignments. What’s more, there’s a games room too with carom, billiard, fuss ball and more.

The restaurant has a diligent chef who has created a top of the class menu for the dining space which is fondly named “Ramu Kaka ki Canteen”.

My evening started with a glass of mouthlicious in-house brewing beer.We were served with four types of brewing beers, which were smooth and were not even a tad bit harsh to the taste buds.

Moving on to the food, I was first served with amazing appetizers. First, on my platter was Palak patta chaat which was made out of crispy spinach mixed with yogurt and tamarind.  While it did not appear very pleasant, a bite of it instantly got us craving for more.  It was crispy and a little juicy at the same time. Next on my table was the Veg Platter which consisted of veg lukmi, paneer tikka, cheese kebab, badami brocoli. Each of the dishes on the platter was finely cooked with the right amount of softness and taste. Some of the dishes were fried that gave them a creamy texture within and a crispy one outside.

The next on the starters menu was the non-veg platter which consisted of chicken lukmi, chicken cigar, Classroom maska chicken, lamb seekh kebab, kebab creame chicken tikka. All the dishes on the non veg platter were palatable and was indeed the best platter to order for chicken lovers especially along with the drinks.

Came up next was the restaurant’s specialty Bunny Chow that was cooked in South African style with chicken stuffed into the buns. The dish was sumptuous and the presentation was bang on.

Next for the main course, I had wok fried Chinese green and noodles which was a perfect combo with the aroma of veggies and perfect seasoning. The dish was prepared with just the right flavour of Chinese sauces and was mouth watering even with its presentation.

I ended my rendezvous at The Classroom with a lip smacking dessert, Brownie which was served along with Vanilla ice-cream. The brownie was hot and soft at the same time and was a perfect combination with the ice-cream.  The Classroom is about these silent musings, when we left school, but the school never really left us.


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