There are few commonalities between food cultures in India and France. They are a bit too distant from each other, with the Indian having a clear affinity for spices, and the French preferring the subtle flavour of herbs. French food unlike the Indian cuisine isn’t a burst of taste and is quite minimalistic. However, despite these dissimilarities, Delhi is witnessing a surge in the number of French cuisine lovers, which is evident with the rising number of French eateries here.

Now for all the food enthusiasts out there, here are a few places that offer authentic French delicacies in the national capital.

L’Opéra Salon de Thé by PVR

Newly opened L’Opéra Salon de Thé by PVR is nestled in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. It is a one-of-a-kind store with unique architecture, an expanded and store-exclusive savoury and dessert menu. Painstaking detailing and an exclusive setting that is almost a mirror image of the most refined cafés in Paris, gives this outlet genuine France feel.

Those looking for something more than a movie night can always come in and savour a French palate. With a menu curated by Chef Mayank Tiwari and a store-exclusive dessert menu created by Chef Amit Sinha, the space will definitely get you hooked to its numerous gastronomic delights.

In addition to the authentic French bakery products you can also try five store-exclusive pastries prepared by Executive Chef Amit Sinha. Guests can also enjoy Chef Mayank Tiwari’s fresh and simple French menu with delicious soups, salads and sandwiches.

 “Our new Salon de Thé is an embodiment of Parisian refinement and luxury. L’Opéra is already known for its authentic French dessert and bakery products, but with this concept, we wanted to go a step further in bringing some really unique flavours to our patrons.” said Laurent Samandari, Managing Director of L’Opéra.

French sandwich.

Le Bistro Du Parc

Another destination for people fond of French cuisine is Le Bistro Du Parc, located in Defence colony. The doors open to a small and cosy space on the group floor. For an open area you can climb the stairs to find yourself relishing an authentic French platter. A cosy place with minimal décor and light makes you instantly fall in love with the ambience. To jazz up the interiors, the restaurant also accommodates a  huge blackboard as a menu card.

 The menu offers lip-smacking mains, burgers, pizzas, pastas and what not. Le Bistro Du Parc also offer special brunch on Sundays. With the change of season, the menu is also revamped. The vast menu is a paradise for both the non-vegetarians and vegetarians.

“Bistronomie is a concept that started in Paris a few years ago by young adventurous chefs who wanted to break down barriers and revolutionise the city’s age-old Michelin guarded culinary scene. As a result of the economic crisis, people were driven to return to bistro settings where dishes were reassuring yet still celebrated French gastronomy. This is how bistronomie began. Restaurants started serving refined cuisine in a casual atmosphere with bistro décor using local produce that celebrated its terroir.” said Naina de Bois Juzan, owner of the restaurant.

 If you manage to go on a Wednesday, you can also enjoy Jazz music with French cuisine and fine wine. 

Mango Me.


Another place, located in the heart of South Delhi, Hauz Khas is Cravity. Giving you a truly authentic feel of France, the place serves exclusive French food and dessert.

A pink door with a bright façade, which can be spotted from a mile away, with soothing pastel tones, pop art posters, and a wall with a huge painting of two women sitting on a park bench in front of Eiffel Tower welcomes you inside. A cute little place around with 5-6 tables transports you to somewhere in Paris.

“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts, come to Cravity and we’ll spell it backwards for you.”Rachit Goil, Founder of Cravity.

Along with some delicious desserts, this place also offers a huge range of milk shakes like Crazy Chocolate Milkshake, Brownie and Nutella Milkshake, Banana and Carmel Milkshake, which can enjoy with a good range of munchies. Offering a variety of munchies and fillers, the restaurant is a must visit.

If you are one of those who are fond of French cuisine and wine, then these addresses are of much use to you.

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