Address: Dynamic House, Main Dadri Road, Sector 41, Noida

Meal for two: 1,500 + taxes

It is just a mere perception nowadays that one can’t find a good Italian restaurant in India. Chef Gaurav Wadhwa’s Theos—an Italian restaurant and cafe, is serving authentic Italian cuisine since ten years now and has garnered much respect from food lovers all over the city.

The dishes prepared here are not “made to suit the Indian palette” but are known to retain their authenticity. The focus, in terms of the ingredients used in a particular dish and also in the style of preparation, is on the original flavour the dishes are known for. But again, the chefs working here are not averse to create a particular dish according to your taste.

The eleven page menu of Theos offers a wide variety of dishes to the visitor. Italian food items like Penne With Mushroom and Blue Cheese, Farfalle In Pesto Cheese Sauce, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli In vegetarian section stands out. Also, it is hard to find Gnocchi—pasta stuffed with potatoes, made to perfection in restaurants located in North India. But Theos doesn’t fail you despite being in Delhi. Gnocchi Tomato Basil—the potato pasta cooked in olive oil and served with Tangy Tomato Basil sauce, according to us, falls under the “must try” list. The restaurant also serves a rich variety of non-vegetarian dishes where spicy Fusilli Chicken with Peri Peri Pasta and oven-baked Lasagne Bolognese make a strong presence.

The good news is that the restaurant has recently tied up with Swiggy—a food delivery app to make their flavoursome dishes available to people often within an hour at their homes. But the ambience can also be experienced given its pleasant interiors. The interiors of the Noida branch of the restaurant display rich olive green and brown furniture. The one located at R K Puram is a smaller space with much focus on bakery products and desserts.

While Italian food is there specialty, they are no less in serving a variety of other cuisines from different parts of the world such as Lebanese and Mexican cuisines.

There is a large assortment of desserts in the restaurant. All the desserts are prepared in their bakery which is located inside the premises. There are multiple varieties of pastries and cakes available at the restaurant like James Matcha Pistachio cheesecake, Belgian Chocolate Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun Cheesecake and so on.

The idea of starting such a restaurant which clearly displays the hard work put by the owner and staff took roots in a small basement in Delhi.

In October 2006, Gaurav Wadhawa started THEOS—Patisserie & Chocolaterie from a very small basement garage which was given its current form in 2007. In 2009 THEOS grew vertically in size with its menu dishing out over 280 different patisserie & chocolaterie items daily absolutely fresh. In 2010 THEOS expanded laterally with the opening of The Classic Italian Lounge in the form of THEOS—Café & Lounge which serves Italian Dine-in meal. Today, Theos stands with a strong 100 member team preparing and serving over 600 items and dishes to its clientele.

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