Vivanta by Taj

Vivanta by Taj at Dwarka welcomes you to its dining space, Creo and Indus Express, through the day. The Navratra Special Chef Elangovan’s Thali that can be savoured through the festival offers flavoursome dishes including Ajwaini Paneer Kofta Curry, Seetafal Ki Sabzi, Sabudana Papad, Dahi Wali Lauki, Dabi Arbi Ki Tikki, Kuttu Ki Poori and Anaar Ka Raita. For desserts enjoy Coconut Ladoo and Badaami Sabudana Kheer.

At Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon, the menu by Chef Subrata Debnath includes Singade Ki Poori, Paneer Long Lata, Sitafal ki Sabzi, Bhune Ananas Ki Chaat and Sabudana Khichdi. Chef Subrata Debnath said, “In the northern parts of our country, Navratras are celebrated with much fervour and each household has its unique set of ancestral recipes for vrat ka khana that are handed down through generations. The recipes have been devised in-house by our team of expert chefs after having sought inspiration from household ancestral recipes. And of course, all fasting norms have been accounted for such as the use of rock salt.”

Dates: 21 – 29 September 2017

Venue:  Vivanta by Taj—Gurgaon

Cost:  Rs 1,500 + taxes per person

Bikaner House

At Chor Bizarre, Bikaner House, the festive vibes and food awaits you. The feast includes dishes such as Vrat ki Raj Kachori, Arbi ke Kebab, Chirongi ki Dal, Anar Pudina Raita and Sitaphal ka Halwa accompanying the more traditional Kuttu ka Parantha, Khatta Meetha Kaddu and Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi. Talking about the Navratra and its delicacies, Chef Rajiv Malhotra, Corporate Chef, Chor Bizarre, said, “The menu is a combination of traditional dishes alongside some interesting new combinations. Since the current trend of eating out during fasts is growing thus, to make it more fun we have curated a special menu to be relished by everyone. This Navratra season, we would like the diners to have a gastronomical treat during the festivity while they are fasting.”

Duration: 21-29 September

Venue: Chor Bizarre, Bikaner House, Pandara Road

Cost: Rs 850 + taxes

Monkey Bar

All those Durga Pujo fans who aren’t able to run to Kolkata for the special festivities, Monkey Bar brings you “ Iti Aunty’s Pujor Special Thaala,” a unique, specially curated “thaala meal” of home-style Bengali delicacies. So while pandal hopping, give a try to recipes prepared by Kolkata-based home chef, food critic and passionate foodie – Iti Misra. The Pujor Special Thaala’ comes in three variants – the Vegetarian thaala, the Fish thaala and the Chicken thaala each presented with a Monkey twist, comprising a selection of specials as well as popular favourites of every “petuk” Bengali. Explaining the idea behind bringing Bengali home meals outside the home, Iti said, “Since youngster won’t come to the family kitchen during the Durga Pujo season, the family kitchen has to come out to them. Sharing Thaalas with their besties, taking selfies eating Iti Aunty’s Fish kochuri alu dum, listening to Ed Sheeran—the millennials will remember this Puja season as the one when Monkey Bar gave them all the things they love. I have tried to bring back some of the traditional favourites like luchi – alu dum as well as unique dishes like fish kochuri and Bhetki Kamala—from the family kitchen to the favourite hangout of the new generation.”

Duration: 24-30 September

Venue: Monkey Bar, Vasant Kunj

Cost: Vegetarian Thaala: Rs 999+ taxes, Seafood Thaala: Rs 1,299+ taxes and Chicken Thaala: Rs 1,199+ taxes.  


A fusion of Navratra with Asian, European and Chinese cuisines, Gastronomica plans to soothe your foodie spirits. Some of the must try items on the Navratra menu include Sumac rice risotto with artichoke asparagus and parmesan crisp, Buckwheat flour tacos filled with grilled raw banana and fresh fruit salsa, Sweet potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce and Honey roasted pumpkin water chestnuts tortellini with caramelised walnuts. For desserts, the Sago and coconut pudding served with seasonal fruits and a Banana Toffee will fill you.  Sumit Goyal, owner of Gastronomica, said, “I remember growing up as a kid seeing so many Christmas, thanksgiving menus across the restaurants all over, I’d always wonder why do we only go to old ramleela pandal to consume all vegetarian low gluten fasting food or maybe a typical haldiram , bikanerwala outlet. However navratra menus are special and Gastronomica is synonymous to simple innovation with recipes where basic simple flavours and ingredients are synchronised in a pas de deux creating culinary magic for you.” 

Duration: 21-28 September

Venue: M Block Market, Greater Kailash

Cost: Rs1,100 + taxes


As the Navratra celebrations entice people to dance away the routine life, Kathputli invites you  to forget your woes with food. Serving food in its most authentic and untouched form, Kathputli’s Navratra menu includes Shikanji, Fresh fruits, raita, Saboodana tikki or shakarkandi chat, paneer tamatar wala or aloo raseela. A platter decked with singhara puri or kuttu parantha and Saboodana kheer or dudhiya halwa will suffice Navratra food cravings. Vipul Gupta from Kathputli said, “In Navratri, people across India observe fast and avoid the Rajasic and Tamasic foods.To honour the spirit of food, we at Kathputli are serving food this Navratri in its most authentic and untouched form.”

Duration: 21-28 September

Venue: Defence Colony Market

Cost: Rs 460 + taxes 


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