Block P, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Meal for Two: Rs 1,500

Kinbuck2, a restro-bar, in the heart of Connaught Place is an ideal place if you are looking for a casual outing with friends. The restro-bar is catering dellihites from the past three years. Ambience of the place irrespective of it being concise with less sitting area is pleasing due to its amazing music and poster covered pale brick themed walls. Quirky paintings and cartoons on the walls make it more fun and vibrant. The place emanates positive vibes and the food just makes it better. Adding reasons to celebrate, the restro-bar orchestrates many food festivals throughout the year like the sizzler festival; they also incorporated an amazing menu for navratra specials recently.

I started my evening with peach mojito. The freshness of the drink instantly calmed my Monday blues. The tangy taste coupled with minty leaves gave a tingling sensation down my throat. The food menu fuses different cuisines from across the world, giving it a global touch. The menu includes delicacies from North India along with Continental, Italy and Pan-Asia. 

The mezze platter was mouth-watering with a variety of choices starting from hummus to moutabel to tabblouleh to tzatziki to sambousek to rice kebbeh served with falafel and Arabian pickle and pita bread. Menu for sizzlers was a vast one too. The delicious grilled cottage cheese served with Spanish rice, potato wedges with smoked up with  buttered vegetables and BBQ sauce is a must try entrée when visiting the space. This whole combo was called My Boss Order. Other than this, diners can also try Italian countryside pizza garnished with toppings like mozerella cheese, mushroom, sundried tomatoes, bell pepper and red onions and olives which added to the presentation of the dish.  Trio baby boy comprised of hem, cheddar cheese with gherkin is also a great choice to go ahead with.  However, if we look at the quantity, it seems too much for one with no option for a lesser quantity. The place also serves alcohol with availability of hukkah/sheesha. They have an amazing variety of menu in alcohol as well entailing whiskey, beer, gin, vodka, brandy and champagne. Non-alcoholics too have a number of choices when it comes to mocktails, shakes, soft beverages and appetisers and even soups. 

I ended my meal with a chocolate brownie as recommended by the chef. It proved to be the best part of the evening. I relished warm chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top served with chocolate sauce and sprinkle of crushed walnuts. 

 The place is affordable with mediocre hospitality. As Connaught Place is a domicile for all party lovers in Delhi, Kinbuck2 is one added venue in the list where you can enjoy the company of your friends within the vicinity. 

“There are a lot of options around here already, but If you have good food, good music than people will come to your place and we’re a very cool food court with booze.” said Gaurav Arora, Manager, Kinbuck2. 

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