Machan-The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, New Delhi

T: (011) 6656 6162

Meal for Two: Rs 5,000

Machan, an iconic 24-7 international eatery at the Taj, is celebrating the completion of the hotel’s 39th year in New Delhi. This October, as the city’s top-notch hotel steps into its 40th year, Machan pays tribute to its legacy through a culinary extravaganza that promises to take patrons on a trip down memory lane.

The place was known as “The Coffee Shop” back in the day, when it first came to New Delhi in 1978.  Machan, as the name itself connotes, is a spot that serves as an observing platform while hunting for ancient royals. Machans are temporary structures built atop trees to spot game. Hence, at Machan, the decor is inspired by the wilds. The artwork portray tigers and other animals to make you feel like you are sitting in the middle of a jungle. The huge glass window opening onto a lush green field just adds more beauty to the place upholding the vision of the venue. The ambience is quite modern yet opulent, in an old-world way, at the same time.

Megha Bhatia, manager at Machan, says, “Machan is one of the first restaurants in New Delhi which had a 24-hour concept back when it came into being. The guests find themselves attached to this place as they have too many treasured moments that they have spent here and not just that they also feel a special bond with the staff as well. So, we thought of recreating those dishes back from 1978 as that brings smiles on our customer’s faces just as they walk into the restaurant”.  She further adds, “We have also come with a concept of ‘breakfast before bed’ which was also in trend way back in those days.”

Over the years, Machan has successfully proved to be a desired dinning place for tourists and locals alike. Machan caters services for all kinds of occasions from celebrations, meetings and elaborate brunches or  having idyllic cups of coffee to the Machan Afternoon Tea, themed weekend brunches. It also boasts a menu featuring regional and global cuisines.

Under the leadership of Executive Chef Arun Sundararaj, the hotel’s culinary experts have now recreated famed delicacies that featured on Machan’s original menu the day it opened in 1978.

The classic batch of entrée that are brought back to the menu includes favourites such as Machan’s mutton cutlet, Crumbled fried idli flavoured with pickle and coconut chutney, Paloc soup, Chicken montecarlo and Spaghetti bella’roma along with desserts such as Apple strudel, Parsi Kulfi and Orange flavored crème caramel. All these scrumptious dishes have been added to the menu.

Elaborating on the legacy of Machan, Chef Tapash says, “Machan has been my heart and home for 40 years now. The restaurant has defined the city’s culinary landscape since 1978. In fact, Machan and its classic comfort food has woven itself into the fabric of daily life in Delhi. We are delighted to present a representation of the flavours enjoyed by patrons during Machan’s yesteryears. Through the years, Machan’s signature dishes have delighted generations and we look forward to continuing to offer unparalleled dining experiences to guests at their favourite restaurant.” 

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