In an attempt to draw global attention towards Indian food, a new Guinness World Record was created in Delhi by preparing 918 kilograms of khichdi at the World Food India 2017. The largest serving ever of this rice-based high-protein dish was prepared by a team of 50 people led by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, the brand ambassador of “The Great India Food Street”, and
Akshaya Patra.

The event was attended by the Minister of Food Processing and Industries, Harsimart Kaur Badal, and yoga guru and founder of Patanjali Group of Industries, Baba Ramdev. The minimum requirement to break the previous world record was 500 kilograms.

Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor said, “This entire cooking of Khichdi is not to establish that it should be a national dish or not. It is all about the entire community coming together and cooking something, which reminds us of who we are. Khichdi is something that everyone knows and relates to.”

Khichdi is a perfect example of homogeneity. It has always been relished all over India, regardless of social background, caste or creed, colour or religion. It is also treated as the primary food for people when they are not in the best of their health.

Speaking to the press on this unique world record Badal said, “Khichdi symbolises India’s great culture of unity in diversity. It is our message of unity to the world from World Food India.”

In conversation with Guardian 20, Chef Akshay Nayyar stated that the khichdi show was a result of scientific acumen culinary skills, which is why the enterprise made it to the Guinness Book of World Record.

It took over three months of planning and multiple trials before the team attempted this record-breaking culinary feat.

It took over three months of planning and multiple trials in attempting to cook 800-plus kilograms of khichdi, which was prepared in a giant kadhai of the capacity of 1,000 litres and seven feet in diameter, made of three-layered stainless steel specially designed for this event. Indian foreign missions and Ministry of Food Processing Industries will now popularise the ingredients and the recipe of khichdi to ensure that it finds mention on the menus of some of our best world-cuisine restaurants.

In his address to the press, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, “This largest serving of khichdi was made by using Indian ingredients such as chawal, moong beans, amaranth, jowar, bajra, jo, and Indian spices to make it nutritious and high protein. We promote international foods in India and it is our opportunity to showcase our superfoods for the world.”

The khichdi was distributed to the ambassadors and other well-known personalities present at the event. It was also served to numerous slum dwellers in identified regions in Delhi by Akshay Patra.

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