The importance of eating breakfast has been emphasised time and again. Growing health and wellness awareness is one of the key trends driving the sales of breakfast cereals and health food consistently in India. The consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional breakfasts like cereals and other ready-to-eat options that are considered more nutritious. 

For everyone from global restaurant chains to mothers cooking in the kitchen—the focus has now shifted to creating healthy breakfast options for all. Slurrp Farm is a leading Indian food brand attempting to change the way young kids are eating around India. Their mission is to create healthy snack and main course options for children and their parents. In just over a year they have managed to establish a loyal customer base, and have reached out to about 50,000 customers.

When enquired about the range of products they offer, Shauravi Malik, co-founder of Slurrp Farm, said, “At present, we offer a range of nutritious and delectable cereals with organic ingredients (for toddlers), cookies and all-new millet pancake and dosa mixes made with natural ingredients (for everyone).  We use traditional Indian recipes and local ingredients, with a special focus on millets. All our recipes are high on nutrition from whole grain flours, millets, zero trans fat, real fruit and vegetables powders.”

Today there is a need to create easy-to-cook and convenient options for customers. Today’s consumers are also looking forward to healthier breakfast and yet tasty and fun to eat options, to which Meghana Narayan, co-founder of Slurrp Farm said, “Today’s urban consumer is short on time. Mornings especially, even in households where moms don’t work, people want packaged food solutions that can be ready in a jiffy. This had led both established and young brands to focus on creating healthy as well as convenient, packaged food products which are easy to prepare and can be consumed  on-the-go.”

Slurrp Farm has carried out a lot of innovation in several category, from toddler cereals with ragi to multi-millet based pancake and dosa mixes. About this, Malik said, “One of the things that became obvious to us when we looked at the market for products was the lack of millet-based options. Millets have been a huge part of our food growing up, specially Ragi and we wanted to practice the same with our children. This really got us thinking about filling the void with the right kind of products and including millets as a part of our product offerings. While we included Ragi in our first two set of products, we decided to take a step further and introduce a whole range of millet-based products, Millet Pancake and Millet Dosa Mixes.” 

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