Noida Bar Exchange

DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida

Meal for two: Rs 800 approx

Delhi’s first stock-market theme bar, Noida Bar Exchange,  is here and it is all set to give you the feel of a real stock exchange in all its authenticity. 

The features of the bar include proprietary software and trading servers. Noida Bar Exchange by Smaash is also lined with LCD screens, LED tickers and the legendary stock market “gong”, all of which adds charm to this fun concept. The place offers the insane and unpredictable vibes of a stock market, the only difference being that instead of betting on stocks, the customers bet on drinks. 

I kicked off my evening with “Penne Arrabiata pasta”, which was served with garlic parsley sauce and grilled chicken chunks. The pasta went smoothly with its juicy texture. On the other hand, the chicken chunks were perfectly grilled and mixed well with the pasta sauce. 

Next we tried out the trading system of the pub and ordered a drink for ourselves. The most fun part of the stock exchange theme of the bar is that the prices keep fluctuating based on the demand of the drink and are displayed on screens at all corners. That’s the reason prices are not put up on the menu for the drinks. The pub uses technology to monitor this demand supply algorithm, so NBE offers an experience where you can monitor the price of your favourite drink and trade. You can also place an order via a specially developed NBE app (Android and iOS) that lets you monitor prices and order in real time. Customers compete with each other to score the best prices on their choice of drinks. 

Once every day, the market crashes as well, so customers can trade their favourite spirits and purchase them at rock bottom prices. Trading then begins all over again from this new set base price. Almost every Indian loves trading and NBE aims to create an environment where the customer always wins. 

Moving on to my, Next on my platter was “Beer Batter Fish and chips” which had a marinated deep fried fish in beer batter. The platter was served with fries and dip. The fish was crunchy outside and delicate inside. It gave a sumptuous taste and complimented with fries and dip.  

Later we went on to try “Chicken Tikka Pizza” which was topped with tandoori chicken tikka. The crust of the pizza was crunchy and it was as cheesy as it can get. The pizza also had big chunks of the chicken tikka. 

Next we ordered “The Smaaash Club Sandwich” which was one of the signature dishes of the pub. The sandwich was one of the best items we ordered. 

We concluded our meal with sweet delight: Mango and Passion fruit cheesecake. The mango cheesecake was caramelised fudge topped with a real passion fruit jam.

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