If you want to hang out with your friends, eat full, drink heavy but also enjoy the calmness instead of the heaviness that you get in gastro pubs, then Café Hawkers is the place for you.

Located in Delhi’s heart, Connaught Place, Café Hawkers lures you in with its vibrant, chill and happy vibes. Unlike pubs and bars where you feel burdened with music or food, the place offers the happy-breezy vibe.

As you enter you will be welcomed by its well-lit ambience, walls adorned with millennial style posters, cheesy corny quotes, life motivations and happy faces of the staff. The place cheers you up instantly with just its vibes and that’s one of the best parts about hanging out here.

When we finally took our table, a smiling host offered us drinks. I chose Café Hawkers’ special Beach Tea, while my friend went for the classic Wine. As we settled in, music took over the happy persona and made us comfortable in the interiors of the place.

As Beach Tea and Wine were served we ordered Café Hawkers’ famous Baked Nachos, along with White sauce Pasta and Pao Bhaji Pizza.

The perfect mixture of Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec and Cranberry juice is the first step towards heaven. The drink soothes, calms and relaxes you. There has been no better Beach Tea for me.

And the Wine was as delectable and fine as it promises to be. Happy start, indeed.

The baked nachos came topped with cheese and sauté creamy vegetables, expertly decorated and woven together to make you jump onto it. Yes, it made to the list of my favourites soon after the first bite.

The Penne White Sauce Pasta was creamylicious, tasty and satisfying. Pasta has always been my soul food, and I have always been very critical of the taste provided at various places. However, this made to my check list because of its cream filled well cooked pasta.

Pao Bhaji Pizza looked a surprise and tasted surprisingly great. The desi version of Pizza is a must try for those who are bored of toppings on Pizza. Sauteed in desi ghee, Bhaji was perfect, with no crumpling of vegetables sticking out. Levelled well on Pizza base, the combination works awesome for all the laughs and jokes going around on your gang’s table.

Even though we were full, the delicious looking waffles made us announce “Cheat Day” louder. We finally ordered Chocolate surprise waffles and to say that we are going for that waffle again and again is not a surprise.

The tasty chocolate dripping waffle satisfies the true chocolate lover, leaving you craving for gallons of that heaven. I wish we didn’t have any limits on our stomach and could fill ourselves with that dazzling combination of chocolate and icecream waffle.

It would be apt to say that we left with an over filled stomach and much happier and satisfied souls.

Cafe Hawkers; Radial Road, Near Odean Cinema, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Meal for Two: Rs 1,200


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