Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge
1580/1, KD Marg, Near Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi
Telephone: (011) 33106288
Meal for two: Rs 2,700plus taxes 
Not too far from the cluttered venues of the Hauz Khas Village, is the Kimaya Store Road near the Qutub Minar where the Dramz Whisky Bar and Lounge is located. Unlike the party places frequented by the weekend crowd, the Lounge focuses on a clutter-free relaxed ambience. The entrance reception in spacious hall will make you doubt if this place has rooms too for only a hotel or resort would trade the opportunity for having extra tables with such a spacious decor. The ground floor is home to their bar, wine cellar and cigar dehumidifier with couches and arranged around black stone tables sporting books on pipes, wine and everything nice.

The gentleman’s club vibe of the cellar will make you want to stay in and unwind over a bottle of scotch. But you will soon find yourself making the tough choice between staying there against dining on one of their three open areas with the view of Qutub Minar’s forbidden floors. Unless the cold makes you decide otherwise, giving up on the terrace seating is highly unlikely.

Dramz has two menus. The à la carte which you can pick and choose from to have a customised gastronomical treat or the chef’s menu that simplifies your meal into two choices of courses. Tick the ones that excite you the most and settle down with a drink to notice and start counting the number of flights that fly over you and the Minar. We could only hit five before the cab refused to wait any longer.

The chef’s menu started us off with the stuffed jalapeño fritters with a crunchy and spicy crust over a savoury, smooth potato mash. The stuffed mushrooms had a smoother filling of parmesan cheese. The pulled lamb is a delightful explosion of flavours that we recommend you try.

The main course strives to crave your seafood craving with preparations that are baked, pan seared and served with citrusy foam, coriander seeds and olive puree. Serving to the request of their customers, the chef’s menu ended the meal with homestyle chicken curry and rich dal makhani. Staying true to the Indian plate, the ice-cream hits you with its strong Gulkand flavour.

For a fine dining experience, you can also choose to sit on the floor above the cellar with a private dining room and staid interiors which will make you feel that you’ve made the right choice to spend a peaceful evening with family and friends. Throughout its sections of varied ambience, Dramz manages to retain the open and exquisite atmosphere. It might not be a place you end up every week but is definitely where you’d go on a night to splurge and unwind.


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