New Year brings lots of celebration with parties, hangouts, social gatherings and in between what is common to all of these is delicious and appetizing food. But in the midst of all these festivity, people forget that too much indulgence in oily and fatty foods could take a toll on you.

So, to solve your guilt- free appeasement, Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge welcome you all where you delight yourself uncompromising on your health.

Dramz Whiskey Bar and Lounge, headed by Mr. Sunil Aggarwal, is an effortless blend of unique heritage, sheer luxury and style.  It is located in K.D. Marg, near Qutab Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi. According to Mr. Sunil Aggarwal, it is a must try for people who want to appreciate a world of fine dining. It is a place has been meticulously designed so as to bring the true flavor and charm to the city.

Talking about the healthy menu designed for their customers, Pankaj Sharma, Head Chef-Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge converse about their wholesome dishes.


Q. What kind of healthy dishes have been introduced and why?

A. Our menu has got few dish which can be classified as healthy. This was not intentional but the structure and components of the dishes are such that it has become healthy on its own. Our attempt was to use freshest and seasonal ingredients, not use too much of dairy fat because dairy fats flattens the favour tones and we avoid over cooking to preserve the texture of the ingredients. These steps in turn made the dishes ‘healthy’.


Q. How is it different from the regular dishes/menus?

A. It’s not different as such that it will stand out in the menu if you are reading it. When we designed our menu; we wanted all dishes to have their own essence and taste and in the same process these dishes were also creat ed. We have observed that if you use seasonal ingredients, avoid using unnecessary fats and oiling. Also, do not overcook the dish. It will be comparatively healthy. These are also prerequisites for a tasty dish as well.


Q. Why do you think it is healthy and yet delicious? (Explain the dishes with ingredients giving example)

A. I believe it’s healthy because the taste is so fresh, ingredients are seasonal, and after eating these dishes you don’t feel heavy and bloated. Also, the ingredients are fresh and simple. It’s delicious because of the flavour combinations and the cooking method. One of our dish- Baked sea bass with lime foam can be cited as example. Fresh seabags is packed in paper bag with extra virgin olive oil, spices, tomatoes, lime juice, herbs and garlic. It is then baked in the oven and served along with the juices, salad of seasonal herbs and edible flowers and activated charcoal aioli.

Our another dish- mixed garden greens with cucumber and lime sorbet is another example. It has micro radish, pea shoots, baby rocket, orange segments, walnuts, dehydrated feta as components. We serve it with a sorbet made of cucumber, fresh lime, mint, salt, sugar and extra virgin olive oil.


Q. Is this specially launched for New Year Celebration?

A. No, these dishes are the part of the menu as nowadays guests have become very conscious of their preferences and they want to eat healthy. We will continue this for New Year celebrations and post that as well.


Q. Do you think it can be enjoyed by every age-group?

A. Yes it’s enjoyed by all age-groups. These are few of the most ordered dishes from the menu.


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