The Backyard
Aurobindo Marg,
New Delhi

The Backyard is located on the top floor of a building on the Aurobindo Marg, so the view from anywhere in the restaurant is quite good in day time and the night lights would only make it better. The first thing that jumps at you on entering is the space the restaurant has, even if it’s filled to capacity you would not really feel like you are in a over-crowded place. And speaking of over-crowded places, The Backyard is quite close to Hauz-Khas village, so the people who like the feel of HKV restaurants but actually find them to be cramped and congested will have a great time here. Also this place has just enough coolness for those who feel uncomfortable and too old in HKV’s super-ultra (overpriced) “cool” restaurants.

Coming now to the main thing, the food, you could categories the food in Backyard’s winter menu under fusion Mediterranean, Mexican and Thai. The bar serves a wide range of cocktails and wines to go with the food. We started with the floor manager’s recommendations, quesadilla and fish tacos with pints of beer. Though it took some time to come, the quesadillas were worth the wait. The stuffing of the quesadilla was soft, warm and just the right amount of creamy. The crisp crust made it even more interesting but what makes it a success is the white dip it is accompanied by. The fish taco, was another interesting preparation, the plain fried fish accompanied with the spicy rice filling was a perfect mix of flavors.

Going to a restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine and not ordering a thin crust pizza is sort of silly. So we did, a simple goat cheese with caramalised onions pizza, though it does not look like your regular pizza, it tastes very unique and grows on you. We suggest you use it as munching with cold beers when you want to linger over food and talk for hours with your friends. Another great starter is the Xian fish, a deep fried crunchy fish preparation with a refreshing taste.

Saving best for the last, the Moroccan grilled chicken was a revelation, served with fresh salad and plain tasting pita bread; these pieces of chicken are juicy and grilled to perfection. The blue plate it was served on created quite a colorful picture contrasting with the salad’s colours, the brown and charcoal of the grilled chicken and then the white of the pita bread. The restaurant has an outdoor sitting on the roof too, which can be quite romantic for those who like that kind of thing. The restaurant serves two desserts, New York cheese cake and a red velvet cake, try both if you can.


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