People may have several reasons to hate Delhi but one thing everyone can agree with is that Delhi is a food lover’s paradise. It’s the state/city where gluttony is a religion and we, the residents proudly embrace and follow it. For those who can never decide what to eat, this can be a curse because where else can you find 35 to 50 eateries in one market.

To add to this festival of flavours, Bengaluru based MRG Group has launched its restaurant Sana Di Ge, in the diplomatic and power central area of Malcha Margh. It serves an eclectic blend of coastal cuisines, along with a few north Indian dishes. It is also Bengaluru’s famous Times Food Award winning restaurant for 2014 and 2016.

 “Sana Di Ge’s launch in the capital aims to bring a rich fare of menus from the coastal belt of Karnataka in particular and Western Ghats in general to satiate the palates of foodies in Delhi and NCR region. The restaurant will serve an eclectic mix of coastal delicacies in an authentic setting,” said Prakash Shetty, founder chairman of MRG Group.

In the words of Gaurav Shetty, the managing director, “We decided to launch in Delhi as several of our restaurants patrons in Bengaluru are from Delhi who happen to be working there. And they always talked about how Delhi doesn’t have a lot of places serving good coastal food. So in August 2015, we decided to launch our first restaurant in the capital.”  

With a capacity to serve more than 120 people at a time, the interiors of the restaurant are modelled completely to add an overall coastal feel.

 “Though we are planning to bring some of our other brands of restaurants to Delhi in the future, Sana Di Ge will be the only one for now. All our chefs are also brought in from the south to keep the taste authentic. All the chefs are personally trained by my mother and all the items on the menu are my mother’s recipes.” Gaurav further added.

Prakash Shetty added, “Having left an indelible footprint in the hospitality business in the south, we now look forward to extending our hospitality ethics and cuisine across the country starting from Delhi.”

Another unique aspect of the place is the wide variety of cocktails available there. The owners delved into what made their cocktails and mocktails a class apart. “If you try our cocktails and mocktails you will realize that they are delicious and like nothing like those of other outlets. We use fresh fruits, juices and citrus extracts in our preparation unlike other places where canned and packed ingredients are used.”   

Sana-Di-Ge in Tulu dialect refers to the brass lamp lit on auspicious occasions in the coastal belt of Karnataka.  Although the lamp has been lit and the flame looks steady, only time will tell if it persists or falters in the competitive restaurant space in New Delhi.

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