This story is a shout to all the diehard pizza lovers out there. If you do not want the ‘pizza maniac’ tag to be snatched from you, then you better buckle up about your preferences for a plate of authentic pizza. The very first step involved perhaps is to look beyond the big, popular giants like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. Time to try some lips macking local pizzerias!

Big brands often overshadow small food outlets and the survival of the fittest is a run-off-the mill fable everyone knows. Local pizza vendors fac stiff competition from the likes of Slice of Italy and that has an indelible impression on their distribution patterns. Only a true connoisseur can save these local outlets from dying by spreading word about the quality of the pizzas that they are striving hard to achieve.

So, now the onus is on you. Will you allow the brand name to overshadow your love for pizza? If not, the next question that arises is that apt outlet to choose from the plethora of options available today in Delhi.

People have their own preferences. Being a pizza junkie myself, I know that there will be some who will go by wide ranging ads of  which outlet has been crowned for the classic margherita, and who snags the supreme pizza prize. I decided to take the matter into my own hands. So I found few places tried and tested by some pizza lovers, which you too can try, if you haven’t and are bored from the regular taste of pizza panned out by the big brands.

Let me first start with Crusty Gourmet pizzas and more. You can found their outlets at five locations in Delhi/NCR, in DLF Galleria, Safdarjung, Punjabi Bagh and Gurgaon.

“Had ordered for lunch, a combo of pizzas and pasta. The Mediterranean chicken pizza was delicious! Pesto Pasta was yum too. Packing was good and food was still hot. I rarely try vegetarian pizzas but Crusty’s made me a fan of authentic veg pizza. Overall a great experience!” read a review on zomato for Crusty’s (often referred to, in brief).

On asking a pizza lover, Shipra, what difference she found in the Crusty‘s menu in comparison with other pizza chains, she tells Guardian 20, “I absolutely love their menu. It’s planned out really well and gives both vegetarians and non-vegetarians tonnes of options. I ordered PiriPiri veg pizza- Super thin and crispy.  This pizza definitely tops my list of favorites from the menu.”

“Only one concern, I’d received very less toppings on my pizza even after I selected the extra topping option,” Shipra adds.

 “Meat lovers pizza- Pork, chicken and lamb; everything you could think of is present in the form of toppings on this pizza. It’s delicious and leaves you craving for more,” says shipra.

“Spaghetti Boscaolia- Creamy mushroom sauce with broccoli and baby corn covered the spaghetti and tasted really nice with subtle flavors. The pasta might be too bland for some people as it is very low on spices and flavors.

It appealed to my taste buds, as I prefer authentic Italian, ” says Shipra.

“We offer typical New York Style pizza, thin crust and we put genuine ingredients. We don’t use synthetic products like other brands. Our chef is also from New York. We offer pizzas in slices and in full pies”.

New York Slice is another place for pizza hunt, available at three different locations in Delhi and Gurgaon, such as, HauzKhas Village, Greater Kailash (GK) 2 and Good Earth City Center, Sector 50, Gurgaon.

On asking S.P.Singh, Manager of New York Slice, what challenges they faced from the big names in the pizza business, he tells Guardian 20, “We haven’t faced any challenges. The people who taste our product, they don’t go back to these pizza chains. They found our food much better. That’s why we have grown from one outlet to three outlets.”

I also enquired about their speciality to which Singh says, “We offer typical New York Style pizza, thin crust and we put genuine ingredients. We don’t use synthetic products like other brands. Our chef is also from New York. We offer pizzas in slices and in full pies”.

“Known for its big slices and large pizzas, New York slice has made us shift our home delivery orders from dominos to them. Pizzas give good satisfaction to thin crust cravings and huge proportions make sure all are fed well. Once or twice the pizza was undercooked but generally the servings are good.” a customer shared her views about the quality and quantity of the food on Zomato.

Fat Lulu’s is another place for Italian food lovers; here you will find thin crust pizzas at six different outlets located in DLF Galleria, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon,  Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4 andHUDA Market, Sector 45, Gurgaon. If you are a resident of Delhi, you have a few nearby options also like SelectCitywalk Mall, Saket, other one is Commercial Complex, SDA and Colonade, Connaught Place.

On asking a customer of Fatlulu’s about the taste of food, he replies, “It is a great place if you have craving for pizzas…I tried it and loved the way the pizza was so perfectly baked with all the right amount of spices. Being a thin crust pizza it’s crispier and u will ask for more.”

Next place in your list can be an outlet, which is located at Greater Kailash called Baking Bad. Don’t be confused with the name of the place! They provide you a huge variety of good pizzas. Akashi who has been to this outlet, says, “For people who are bored with Dominos and don’t like Pizza Hut, this is one of the safe havens (other being Instapizza). I have been ordering pizzas from this place for quite some. This is one of the few places serving authentic tasting non-commercialized pizza. The service has remained consistently good throughout and delivery used to be within time. Recommended for all pizza lovers in and around Delhi.”

So all you pizza lovers who might want to head out of the chic brands and try something new and perhaps better, here’s the ‘must-go’ list of places in and around Delhi/NCR.


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