Foodhall greets its customers with Mexican cuisine this April. Foodhall, the premium lifestyle food superstore, ushers in the summers with Ola Cantina: a Mexican festival with influences of Spanish and South American flavours. The rich culinary tradition of Mexican cuisine is diverse which matches with the Indian cuisine. It brings mouth-watering spice flavors, the freshly made wraps and beans.

Foodhall, A premium lifestyle food superstore, Future Group’s ambitious venture, is a pure gastronomical delight. Latching on to the love for global cuisines, Foodhall is an answer to every foodie’s inner epicure. Foodhall is a one-stop destination for a well-travelled urban consumer who understands the nuances of gourmet cooking. An eye-appealing exotic store captures the novel concepts from around the world on one platter. With an aesthetic mix of Indian flavors with the west, this specialty store is a den of discovery – of the finest global foods and ingredients. Foodhall appeals to every food connoisseur with its custom-made gift hampers, monthly thematic festivals, beautiful display of fruits and vegetables, a spice station, live demo kitchen and fresh sampling of ingredients in the best possible combinations.

The Mexican trail at Foodhall begins at the beverage bar where one can relish ajar of Orange and plum Sangriaor the Agua de Tamarindoto beat the heat. Wrapped in the décor of Mexicano, the live demo counter at Foodhall will be whipping up some interesting food such as Baked spinach and Beetroot tacos and nachos, Fresh flour tortillas, Pao de Queijo similar to Brazilain cheese rolls, savory Mexican corn bread and Mexican sweet bread called Conchas along with fresh Plaintain chips with sour cream, salsa and guacamole dips.

During the Mexican fiesta, Foodhall is also introducing a fresh salsa bar in their stores. Sampling of Raw mango salsa, Red pepper & black eyed pea salsa and Chimichurri sauce (great as a marinade with paneer, chicken and vegetable) at the bar will further enhance the Mexican feel of the store.

From Tres le che, Spanish flan,Churros with chocolate dipping sauce, Coca de cream and shots of Spice hot chocolate,the bakery & patisserie section at Foodhall is also churning out some mouth-watering treats this month.

The Salad counter will be serving some scrumptious Taco salad and Elotes. Elotes are corn on the cob served with cojita cheese and sweet paprika. There is also the Sandwich counter where you can grab someVeg & Chicken burritos, Portabello & black bean torta and Pulled lamb tortathat will leave your taste buds craving for more!

Most of Mexico’s iconic dishes such as tacos, enchiladas and frijoles involve cheese. Crumbled, grated, sliced or melted – Cheddar, Monterey jack and Manchego cotija cheese, Oaxaca and Chihuahua in Mexican dishes contribute to salty, tangy flavors of Mexico and offset some of the heat from chilies and spices. So, enjoy all these Mexican dishes at Foodhall in this April.

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