HotMess kitchen & bar

Connaught Place,

New Delhi

Meal for two: Rs.1500 approx


HotMess kitchen & bar is the new hunt in the heart of the national capital for food lovers. This place is an icing on cake addition to Delhi’s food and nightlife. It is the only property in the vicinity inspired from Aphrodisiac Bar. When one think of aphrodisia, one visualizes something which is sensually enticing but this place has more to its aphrodisiac influence, than just the aura and ambience.

As soon as you enter, one finds a huge area with varied seating options. Bar stools for your drink with buddies, couches for a friend’s night out and regular seats for dining. Go for it according to your taste and need.

The restaurant has a seductive, saucy vibe to it with it bold and bright interiors colour palate.Wooden flooring, dusty pink couches, majestic design and quite a collection of temptress frames across the space lends soothing touch to your mood. Dim lighting and paintings depicting various sensual moods of beautiful women were showcased on the walls.

The slanting bar, all lit up is an interesting play at HotMess. The 40-feet-long bar adds to the already appealing quality of the place, may be because of the liquor offerings or the décor or with the music playing in the background.Expect a bountiful use of aphrodisiacs: chocolate, chillies, spices and lots more all across their food and drink menu. The best part about the menu is that unlike other fine-dine restaurants, HotMess offers plenty options for the vegetarians.

Now, after ambience let’s talk about the food and drinks. I started with the cocktails. One can start with a Bourbon based drink with some orange liquor and cinnamon which is quite strong. Fresh pineapple also adds some tangy flavour to it. Another drink Dam Dam Do can also be tried.

For the food section, I tried  Bourbon chicken, which is a form of BBQ chicken served with the smoke of Jack Daniels whiskey which was a great delight to eyes and tasted good. These were just a treat to one’s taste buds. Chicken pieces were succulent, juicy & nicely flavoured. They were beautifully marinated with sauce & honey that was giving sweet and spicy taste to the juicy meat. They were tempting tasty and well cooked.

The ChurChur Pizza is a new addition in the munchies menu. Its crust was very crispy and quickly melts into your mouth. It was well topped with cheese & veggies/chicken and sumptuous in taste. These pizza’s were small in size but had ample amount of cheese over it to make you drool!

Another option in snacks is Samosadillas. Shaped like samosas with a mixture of mashed potatoes, bell peppers, spices and peas, these are light and tasty. Samosadillas with aam panna chutney was interesting with a veg tangy filling and sweet spicy chutney that elevated the bite to another level.

Another wonder not to be missed at all is Aloo Corn Loly Pop. These toothsome corns loly pops were great in taste. It was mashed potatoes with a lot of spices wrapped around ice cream sticks. It was very spicy but you cannot resist yourself eating it.

Chocolate lava crouton cake served on flaming plate was a good presentation over all. It was the most palatable journey I had of late.


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