ZIZO: A real Lebanese kitchen

Connaught Place,

New Delhi

Meal for two: 1500


Wandering about in Connaught Place, you might have passed it by many times, but Zizo is one of those restaurants that seem to be invisible until you decide to eat there. Quite like a gem hidden in the rocks. The entrance to the restaurant is quite simple but that was because we entered from the wrong side. We sat down upstairs at a pleasant seating area thinking that was all there was, but a little exploratory walk to admire the photographs led me to a den like area which was lit exotically, furnished with Lebanese style furniture.

The items on the menu were Greek to us. All different kinds of hummus, salads, roast meats and falafels. So after a very long explanation about the Lebanese cuisine courtesy the generous manager, we started with a salad called lentil tabbouli and mulberry juice at his recommendations. “These two preparations are a great choice if you are looking to try native Lebanese cuisine rather than just normal food with a Lebanese twist to it” recommended the manager. Quite right he was because the lentil tabbouli is a nuclear blast of flavor in your mouth. For those who have never tried food from the middle-east this dish would be an actual culinary ride. Other starters like the fattoush salad are also recommended.

Hardly were we over the never before experienced taste of the salad when we were served a dish called hummus ras asfour. This dish due to its texture and presentations looks almost like a dessert but it actually is a savory chicken delight. The little, perfectly cooked chicken bites are tossed in traditional Lebanese spice sumac and pomegranate butter. The best way to eat this dish is by tasting both the chicken pieces and hummus separately and then together. The soft texture and mild taste of the hummus is a contrast to the sharpness of the chicken.  Vegetarians may order batata harra, cubes of fried potatoes tossed in Lebanese spice mix. They can accompany this with the restaurant’s fresh, warm and soft pita bread.

The restaurant has many different platters, all of which are a pack of different flavors, textures and ingredients. These platters make for perfect munching for a group of friends. However we ordered a mixed grill platter to taste all four different kinds of kebabs in one go. Though the kebabs might seem familiar they all have a tinge of foreign in them that Delhiites will enjoy greatly. For dessert, we implore you to be a little open and try Lebanese sweets rather than the brownie and chocolate and cheese cakes you find everywhere. The cheese kunafa, a warm cake like dessert is perfumed with orange blossom syrup and its layers are a slow discovery of tastes. And the more appealing dessert, the lady’s are, is a rolled puff pastry with breaks to spill over Lebanese custard in your mouth. One can almost feel like they have taken a trip after eating at Zizo, the food is your vehicle. Spreading their platter all over the NCR region Zizo is soon opening new properties in Noida and Gurgaon.             



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