Icecream boutiques are not a new concept in India. Baskin Robbins, The Cream and Fudge Factory are popular dessert cafes with outlets spread all across the country. What then makes Movenpick’s boutique, the brand that has delighted Swiss icecream lovers around the world since 1961, so unique?

“All our boutique outlets around the country are styled and presented in a similar fashion as you would see in Zurich, Sydney or any other Movenpick outlet anywhere in the world. We sell the world’s best icecream paired with a large selection of desserts like waffles, pancakes, fondant, pavlovas and much more,” says Tarun Sikka, Director of Nectar Hospitality. Movenpick has around 300 boutiques throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, and is served in five-star restaurants and hotels in more than 40 countries around the world. This premium icecream brand has been brought to India by entrepreneur Tarun Sikka who runs it with the same zeal and enthusiasm that goes into the making of each robust flavour in Switzerland.

The particular savoir-faire of the Swiss in terms of milk processing and cream production is long-established and world-famous — at  the perfect altitude in the beautiful Swiss mountains, cows enjoy pastures with a higher herbal diversity, guaranteeing milk of the highest quality. There is a reason why the Swiss themselves are the world’s largest consumers of chocolate. They have the world’s finest quality real Swiss chocolate at their fingertips. Movenpick Swiss chocolate icecream uses this as its core ingredient and adds a blend of first-quality cocoa and an influential element of supreme Maracaibo cocoa, creating a recipe with supreme depth of flavour. The crisp ripple adds an extra dimension of texture, breaking into crunchy shavings as you bite.

Their gourmet dessert destination menu has twenty-two ice cream flavours, including the all-time-favourite Swiss chocolate, espresso croquant, creme brulee espresso and macadamia available in waffle cone and basket.

The first outlet of the Swiss giant opened in Delhi’s Select City Walk in March 2014. Plan for opening a flagship store in Delhi-NCR was underway when Noida’s DLF mall was under construction. The 800 sq. feet store was launched earlier this month in India’s largest shopping mall.  “We saw a tremendous opportunity in the location and a great brand mix. When we saw the initial development plans for the mall, we were certain that the project would be a great success and attract our target demographics,” says Sikka.

Their gourmet dessert destination menu has twenty-two ice cream flavours, including the all time favourite Swiss chocolate, espresso croquant, creme brulee espresso and macadamia available in waffle cone and basket. “The hottest picks as of now have been our amazing must try sundae’s, freshly made pancakes and amazing fondant, all of which are paired with Movenpick icecream,” says Sikka.

Movenpick offers a full service cafe for those who are looking to try this cool new hangout in town with friends over desserts, tea and coffee. Movenpick spoils you for choice with their dessert offerings like waffles with white chocolate and raspberry obsession, pancakes with maple walnut indulgence, macaroons, sundaes, soda floats and 99% fat free sparkling sorbets providing a larger than life experience of a fun cafe and icecream boutique rolled into one.

The fat free sorbets, according to Sikka, have been a major crowd puller — specially for all those with shopping bags in tow, waiting to try something light in Delhi’s scorching summers. “It is the authentic fruity flavour, velvety texture, high fruit content and bite sized fruit morsels that have attracted many consumers towards our special sorbets. In addition, there is no artificial or added sugar in the sorbets which make them 99% fat free. One gets a tantalising feeling that’s incredibly fruity and refreshing. For example, our raspberry and strawberry sorbet is an intensive sorbet made from heirloom raspberries and is punctuated by strawberry bits,” says Sikka.

“We also have an Italian roast coffee for avid coffee lovers at the outlet,” adds Sikka.

Never over-sophisticated, always revealing a subtle balance in taste sensations, Movenpick recipes turn such prized ingredients as chocolate or vanilla into intense taste experiences. The reason for the same being, as Sikka puts it aptly, “Movenpick icecream is based on three ethos of the brand which makes the icecream special and unique. First is the ‘Best of Nature’ philosophy where we source the best ingredients from all over the world. For example, the chocolate is sourced from Venezuela, the strawberries from Chile and Alphonso mangoes from India. 
Second, is the passion for gastronomy. The product was originally born in the kitchens of highly rated chefs in Switzerland. It was originally known as a product made by chefs for chefs. It is still used in some of the finest hotels and restaurants around the world and even in India. The third is Swiss perfection. Swiss people are known for their perfection and attention to detail to ensure an exceptionally high quality product.”

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