Launched in 2012 with a tagline — Food for All, Epicuria reflects the diverse options it has on offer for the Capital’s food lovers. What was first conceived to be a haven for electronics shoppers and obsessive eaters has now been transformed into a temple of gluttony.

Nehru Place has been a commercial district in the southern part of Delhi for a long time now. And inspite of attracting a huge footfall, it somehow lacked good dinning and drinking options.  In order  to fill the gap along with the plans to cater to the surrounding upscale neighborhoods; Vivek Bahl, conceptualised and co-founded Epicuria after renting the entire commercial space from the Delhi Metro. Presently, Epicuria offers food for all kinds of pockets. With burgers starting from Rs 35 to a platter of sushi costing somewhere around Rs 1,500, it seems to have it all.

Guardian 20 speaks with the co-founder Vivek Bahl to find more about his ideas behind the creation of this sort of cumulative assorted food pocket of South Delhi.

“We started by reserving the lower floor for food while offering the upper floor as a electronics mart, considering Nehru Place is said to be one of the biggest computers market in Delhi. But thanks to online shopping, we had to close the mart down,” says Vivek Bahl while sitting on a brown couch in his office at Epicuria. “We have very recently unveiled the swanky upper floor which has a royal Victorian look and houses several new brands like Social and the Irish House. While the world’s second Taco Bell that offer alcohol and is serviced unlike the other self service outlets, will be opening here shortly too.”

One unique aspect about Epicuria is that there are hardly any brands overlapping each other, i.e now no brand serving a similar menu can be found unless of course you are talking about bars or clubs for they generally have the same menu. “While selecting the brands we had to keep in mind that no two business cannibalise on each other’s space as they will not more than two or three meters away from each other plus then there we have popular brands like Starbucks and Keventers that couldn’t have been avoided,” Bahl adds, while sipping on a hot cup of Ameracino from Starbucks which happens to be just opposite his office.   

Epicuria has become a very popular hangout today. “The front entrance is aesthetically designed with ample greenery which is a visual treat and a relaxed outdoor setting that is a big draw for families and get-togethers. And we never stop people from sitting and relaxing in the green areas. After all, this is a public place,” Bahl says.

With 36 dining options ranging from fine dining restaurants such as Fio, Benihana, Big Wong to lounge bars & clubs like The Flying Saucer Café, The Chatter House, Social, Lord of the Drinks, The Beer Cafe to multinational brands like Starbucks, Burger King, L’Opera, Subway, Joost, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Chicago Pizza, Taco Bell. Going hand in hand with prominent indigenous brands like Café Coffee Day, Gelato Vinto, Keventers, Yo China, Wokstar, Moti Mahal, Karims, Sona Sweets, Sagar Ratna, Fidahh, Crunch Box, House of Candy, Nando’s, Pizza Express, Dhaba by Claridges, Dimcha, Chaayos, and The Irish House. But it is the collective sum of experiences and influences which make it a gastronomical extravaganza in the gourmet Capital of India.


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