On Thursday, Varq a modern Indian restaurant at The Taj Mahal Hotel, in New Delhi hosted a culinary extravaganza, as the hotel’s chef brought forth a menu that created around the lost recipes from the kitchens of the erstwhile kingdoms of India. 

Under the leadership of Executive Chef Arun Sundararaj, the culinary experts had recreated famed delicacies that were once enjoyed by Kashmiri Dogras, the kings of Travancore, the Nizams of Hyderabadi and the Mewars of Rajasthan.

The afternoon started with an introduction of the concept by Executive Chef Arun Sundararaj. Elaborating on the legacy of the four royal households, the Chef highlighted the influence of the royal family of Travancore to the menu as they were known for their pure vegetarian kitchens.

Guests were familiarized with various cooking techniques used in these kitchens with samples like Saada Aash, a lamb soup simmered for seven hours and tempered seven times to Khichdi Rafat, a royal twist to the humble khichdi cooked with tender pieces of chicken, duck, lamb, almonds and aromatic spices.The meal ended on a sweet note with the Maharaja of Mewar’s favorite dessert, aptly named Sweet Tooth of the Maharaja, layers of garlic kheer and broken wheat porridge.

Chef Arun who has been with the Taj Group for over 23 years, the most recent of which were spent at The Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad shared his thoughts on the history of royal cuisine in India and the research that went into recreating the lost royal recipes at Varq. He said, “We are happy to bring to our patrons authentic royal flavors from different corners of the country. Through this extravagantmenu, we have brought to the table a whole range of age old culinary treasures, both non-vegetarian and vegetarian, that are sure to delight our guests.”

Varq, an award winning modern Indian restaurant that hosted an afternoon of exquisite royal delicacies specially curated. The carefully crafted menu featured regal dishes like Pattode ke kebab, Tujji chicken, Paneer gulnar kebab, Nizami saada aash, Cheera ada curry, Noori Hyderabadi biryani and unique desserts like garlic kheer with broken wheat porridge.

The signature Indian restaurant combines international ingredients with age-old gastronomic traditions. Varq is a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary sophistication. Visually spectacular in every way, this elegant Indian restaurant includes a private dining room for fourteen. Varq is symbolic of preciousness which is reflected amply in the cuisine and the décor of the restaurant. It serves up modern Indian gourmet dining, combining authenticity in taste with sheer artistry in presentation.


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