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Meal for two: Rs.2000 approx

We’re running short of good places to eat delectable modern Chinese cuisine these days. But there is one such quaint place tucked away in a cosy corner on the second floor of Ambience Mall called Yauatcha for your rescue. The restaurant aims to unfold a gastronomical story by presenting authentic Cantonese dishes with a modern twist. There’s an array of sumptuous dim sums and steaming teas.

What make this place so enticing is the fact that it is quite simple—no elaborate chandeliers, no intricate velvet drapes and no dimly lit surroundings. These days when restaurants are more focusing on quirky and wacky decors, Yauatcha’s ambience is kept minimalistic but intimate.

Yauatcha is celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival with a limited edition menu dedicated to zongzi, pyramid-shaped sticky rice dumplings, dessert recipes with an exclusive cocktail. This festival is on till 30 June. This place will amaze you with its authentic flavours plus with an elegant interiors.

The menu is just simple but offers scrumptiously tasty food. Finding our way to our table, as one walks through the reception, one discovers the expanse of the restaurant featuring an open kitchen where chefs are at work.

I started with the special drink Citrus spritz- blend of vodka, vermouth, lime & Chandon brut. These drinks can be customised to get a tangy and sweet flavor, which makes it more refreshing.

When it comes to food, it is a perfect heaven for vegetarians. I ordered dim sums for starters. The dim sums were the clear winner as it melts quickly in your mouth as soon as you eat it. And a crunchy outer crust of the turnip cake soft from inside was very delightful to munch.

I went ahead for a crispy asparagus, pumpkin and corn roll. Another dish is baked vegetarian chicken puff which serves as one of the options for vegetarians.

When it comes to the main course section, there is an extensive menu to choose from. If you are a vegetarian, a meat-lover or crazy for seafood, there is something in store for all. The sticky rice in lotus leaf with asparagus was full of taste. The quantity was generous. Served in two portions in a basket, like dim sums, they are light and make your stomach full. They are cooked (steamed) in lotus leaf as you smell the aroma of lotus leaf as soon as the basket opens. This is a mix of all vegetables mainly mushrooms and carrots oozing from the four sides is refreshing to eat. The square shaped vegetarian zongzi tastes good.

The Moba Tofu is a mildly spicy vegetarian dish flavoured with a special sauce is prepared with broad bean paste, scallion, mushrooms and garlic, amongst other ingredients. The tofu was silken soft and the gravy was yummy.

As you end the meal, the dessert will take you to surprise. The wine-soaked water chestnut and mango cake with sauvignan sorbet is unique and unusual.

The mango mousse is delicate. Topped with pieces of ripe mangoes and water chestnuts on a layer of white chocolate also has a brownie for a base. The bitterness of the chocolate filling is balanced when the creamy milk chocolate, sweet mango pieces and the mildness of the water chest nuts enters to your mouth. The sorbet is made of litchi juice and a little curd. It is so cold that you may just get a mild but fun jolt.

This dessert was a class apart. One of the best I have ever had. The platter was droolworthy. Sink your sweet tooth as you salivate here for more. And I ended the foodie affair on a sweet note.


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