Delhi is famous for its eateries and there is no dearth of restaurants offering multiple cuisines to satiate one’s hunger pangs. With growing competition in the market these days, the city’s restaurants are applying all kinds of tactics to woo customers. From different food festivals to theme-based competitions, these eateries are making money not just by offering good food but also providing plenty of extras.

One such place to visit this monsoon and beat the scorching heat is Anti-Social in Hauz Khas Village, which regularly organises live performances for its customers. This time again, it is all set to welcome and enthrall its customers with live shows by a band called Document One from the UK,  who have become a serious force in the world of indie music.

“Apart from the performance we also have in store some of our prime dishes, though our entire menu offers the very best to our patrons. The dishes put on the menu appeal to all demographics of guests: some are street food like Bhelpuri and Shami, among others are club favourites like Nachos, Chilli Cheese Toasts and some are for comfort eating like our Biryanis and China Boxes. We add our little touch to all of these and present it in an interesting way which is liked by our patrons,” says Shamsul Wahid, group executive chef, Social and Smoke House Deli.

“For July, as per our plans, we have very recently consolidated our menu in Hauz Khas, which has been fortified by new additions from the chhat as well as some comfy pasta. When it comes to catering to our customers, our menus are designed for the millennial diner who will have a lot of options right from breakfast to proper fine dine main courses”, adds Wahid.

Diana King performing at Raasta Delhi. Yet another interesting place is Raasta, again in Hauz Khas Village. They came up with this interesting concept involving characters from the very popular TV series Friends

“The idea was to create customer interaction and was no better show or theme to start with other then Friends as it has a large viewer base. We initially did this trivia on Friends characters and incidents which even worked better than we expected. All in all, it was a fun evening with a lot of customer interaction,” says Joy Singh, co-owner Raasta.

“When it comes to night life and experiences and enthralling the wishful audience apart from the Friends night, we have arranged for a ‘MJ tribute nights and Boho’ theme parties. We have hosted a lot of international artists from the like of ‘Diana King to Apache Indian’. We do this monthly special DJ for the day where people get to choose their playlist and be the DJ for that night. From the month of July, we are starting ‘RagaDub Jam,’ in which every Friday we will be hosting different music producers right before we do our in-house festival ‘RagaDub4.0’ in September this year”, adds Singh.

Another great place to visit to beat the scorching heat is Lanterns Kitchen and Bar, Rajendra Place, West Delhi. “We have a wide range of items from tacos, north Indian food to Asian cuisine. We regularly do food festivals themed around tacos, pizza and butter chicken. We have recently introduced kebabs in our menu to give our patrons more option. Every day is special but for the market where we are located, weekends are more special although the band performances are not regular. We do put stars once in a week as per the demand and we get tremendous response from all the customers. We have house full nights on weekends specially,” says Jasneet Sahni, owner of Lanterns Kitchen and Bar.

Anti-Social in Hauz Khas Village, which regularly organises live performances for its customer, is set to host the UK-based band Document One,  a serious force in the world of indie music.

In the midst of having good food how can one forget the music, artists and exhibitions? The month of July has so much in store for the Delhi resident . Another place worth visiting is The Piano Man in Safdarjung Enclave Market.

“We are holding an event that will discuss the relationship between artists and musicians. Two weeks prior to the event, we are changing the art works at ‘The Piano Man’ and have Priyanshi Saxena curating fine art albums covers that have been done by professional artists. The whole idea behind this exhibit is to show the different tangents and perceptions people have when it comes to artists and music and explore the journey between these two mediums,” says Arjun Sagar Gupta, musician and owner, The Piano Man.

Social, which is located at multiple locations like Defence Colony, Nehru Place among others are also big on monthly events. “What inspired me the most is the Series of Game of Thrones which we started as a theme recently and will continue till end of July. The characters that inspired me the most in the episodes are ‘Morghulis’ and ‘White Walker’,” says Vijay Prakash, mixologist and bar head at Social.

“We have the White Walker drink; what is special and different about this drink is that it is light and is specially prepared for ladies. It is made up of coffee and fresh white cream along with a little potency of vodka and Kahlu(white cream). Now what makes it different from ‘Valar Morghulis’, which is one of the hard drinks as it is the mixture of whisky, apple and vodka which makes it extra alcoholic and more power packed  among other ingredients like ‘elder flower tonic’ and added flavours and fragrance. For the upcoming events, which would again be theme based we have in store ‘Margarita’ but it will be sometime in August”, adds Prakash.

What the heart of Delhi has to offer is always exciting to see, as Connaught Place is known for it’s top-notch restaurants. “After Ankit Tiwari’s performance early this May, we had Rocknama at one of our outlets. We never compromise with our food and services, we want our clients to have delightful dinner so we mix it with a tadka of melodies night. We want the best for our diners whether its about food or the music so we plan accordingly. We have events happening, at the outlet namely ‘Laugh Out Loud’ on Tuesdays and ‘Acoustic Escapades’ on Thursdays,” says Umang Tewari, director of The Big Fish Ventures which is an outlet of Junkyard CP.

“As far as the catalogue goes, recently in Junkyard CP, we have improved our serving technique. Now we have a drinking hookah along with a new and innovative way of having your Sangrias and ‘Jager Bomb’. Another new drink lined up is “Cotton Candy cocktail” which will be out soon. The service, food and drinks in all our outlets of Junkyard remains the same but we keep bringing new and innovative ways to serve our diners. We also believe the events and live performances can bring crowd to your place but ultimately the food and the service are the only things that will make them come again and again. We do plan live events, comedy events and music events like commercial, electronic music, techno”, adds Tewari.

So this monsoon do try out some of these happening places if you want to beat Delhi’s sweltering heat.

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