The relationship between food and festival is quite strong. As India celebrated Independence Day, Teej and Raksha Bandhan this month, many restaurants in Delhi have come up with new and interesting menus to add to the festivity. With interesting varieties in main course, snacks and drinks, the restaurants have worked hard to create a lasting impression on a food lovers’ palette.

Guardian 20 brings to you a round-up of restaurants who have curated special menus during this time.

Hard Rock Cafe has come up with a revamped menu called Smoke, Fire & Spice. The menu draws inspiration from the spices, seasonings and sauces of popular street foods found around the world including Asia, Africa and Latin America. The restaurant has developed a variety of specialty rubs, seasonings and sauces that guests will be able to pair with their choice of chicken, shrimp or cottage cheese. Each protein will be served on a sizzling skillet accompanied by naan bread, a marinated salad mix, roasted vegetables, mixed cheeses and complimentary dipping sauces.

Jay Singh, co-founder and executive director, JSM Corporation, a parent company of Hard Rock Café, says, “The trend of fusing ethnic flavors creatively is widely gaining prominence today. The consumers in India have become extremely receptive to international flavours and have developed a great fondness towards it. Hard Rock Cafe’s Smoke, Fire & Spice menu thus aims to appease their evolving palates and showcase an array of the most popular global flavors to them. Also, as a country that devours grills, we are certain to take visitors on a culinary sojourn with the new festival.”

Radisson Blu, Kaushambi, is featuring Peshawari food festival at Kama restaurant for dinner which will continue till 4th September.

The famed Peshawari cuisine, one of the legacies of undivided India, originates from the North West Frontier Province. This succulent cuisine can be best defined as rustic and robust. The most popular aspect of this cuisine is tandoor cooking. 

An A la Carte menu has been designed showcasing Peshawari delicacies like Peshawari Paneer Tikka, Murg Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawari Raan, Subz Gulbahar, Peshawari Chole, Qatlama, Khamiri Naan, Sheer Khurma and much more.

For people willing to explore international tastes, Indian Grill Room in Gurgaon has introduced select global flavours in the newly set menu. “After an extraordinary success of the International food festival that was held recently, it was time for us now to go global. Our new menu includes the flavours and aroma from across the globe. The cuisines we have selected as a part of this new menu are a way to please your senses,” says, Kamal Khattar, director of Indian Grill Room. The love for Indian cuisine is now teamed up with the desire for an international taste. 

It is not just festivals but the major sporting event like Rio Olympics has also gripped the city in excitement. To keep the spirit of the game high, The Chatter House at Epicuria Mall is providing perfect ambience to enjoy the sport with appetizing food. They have curated a special menu which will last till the end of Olympics.  Prashant Gautam, brand nanager, The Chatter House says, “We are giving a special offer at Rs 599 plus taxes. The customers are free to choose between five Kingfisher Premium or Kingfisher Draught. In food, there is an option to choose from one vegetarian or chicken starter. Along with this, we have a giant screen on our outlet, also there are LCD screens that plays Olympics all day.”

 “After doing intense campaigning on social media and placing the promotion on our website, we are welcoming 10 to 15 customers for the same menu on a daily basis,” adds Gautam.

These fresh and exciting menus are being loved by everyone. People who are willing to explore something new in terms of food can also head to these places. It seems like exciting times for food lovers have arrived as these new menus have something new and unique to offer for everyone. Bon Appétit!

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