Urbtech Matrix Building, Noida Sector 132 

Meal for two: Rs.600 approx

Can you imagine your parents getting you ‘kebabs’ for breakfast? At this age and time when everybody is so finicky about healthy food habits. In Chawla’s 2 at Noida Sector 132, well, it’s possible. This restaurant has come out with innovative, new editions of popular platters, and tweaked them to make them fresher and healthier. 

You have to try their ‘Dahi Kebabs’ to know that taste and food value can both come together. Ashutosh Kumar, an alumni of the prestigious IHM Chandigarh who started the restaurant a year ago, says party food can be healthy too, if you are innovative enough. This restaurant has come out with a wide range of such recipes. Among the starters, their USP is the ‘Dahi Kebab’. 

It’s a simple breakfast item prepared with white bread. For the filling, however, they use fresh hung curd primarily, topped together with fresh pimentos. And although they use some juicy, crunchy secret ingredients for effect, they ensure scarce cream is used so that the food value is not compromised. The results are terrific. “My 11-year-old son would run away at the smell of milk or curd, but now he eats them plentifully, thanks to Chawla’s 2’s Dahi Kebabs,” exclaimed Anil, a 35-something IT executive and regular customer. The food jaunt’s Hara Bhara Kebab and Tandoor Soya Chaap are other green vegetable loaded, nutrition-high, yet delicious options.

“Deep inside Noida, you do not have many markets. In most cases, both husband and wife are working executives and do not have time to spare in kitchen. Cooks are not readily available. When I started this restaurant in 2015 January, I was told there is a huge market here for home delivery. And with my food value oriented dishes, I have got families who order their all three meals from us,” said Ashutosh, who has earlier worked in Taj Palace in Dhaula Kuan. He says the foreign guests in Taj had very different food habits, and he learnt there how to cook delicacies with little or no fat. Chawla’s 2 is listed on Foodpanda as well as Zomato.

No wonder, you would not find a trace of oil when you taste their vegetable biryani or palak paneer. “The trick is to add a pinch of lemon juice and saffron,” Ashutosh told this newspaper. Chawla’s 2’s Tandoori Mushroom, marinated in their own secret recipe with olive oil and baked in tandoor, is delicious. Their Dal Makhani and Pindi Chana are exotic experiences.

For the popular tastes, they have a range of chicken curries. Patiala Chicken is particularly mouth-watering. Chicken Dhaniya Adraki reminds you of the quintessential Sunday delicacy that your mother cooked. You will also find rich preparations of mutton. Apart from the regular Mutton Rarha and Mutton Handi, try their out-of-the-world Lal Maas, a Rajasthani mutton curry prepared in a sauce of curd and hot spices along with red chillies.  Situated at the Urbtech Matrix Building at Noida Sector 132, at a stone’s throw from Jaypee Hospital at Noida Sector 128, the restaurant is ornated in chaste style.

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