Happy Hakka, present at seven locations around NCR

Meal for two: Rs.600 approx

Perfectly steamed with a mouth full of minced chicken, a Dimsum that literally fell apart in the mouth, creating a perfect blend of flavour and warmth is how I would remember Chicken Canton Dimsum from the Happy Hakka, a takeout and delivery joint in NCR.

I was hooken on to the delicious dimsums so much that the first thing I did on moving into my new house was to order a few more plates of the same to celebrate the shifting. Priced at Rs 179 these little blobs of joy are the perfect companions for those spontaneous pangs of flavour that one gets.

Happy Hakka claims to bring you fresh, exotic, pocket-friendly Asian food at your doorstep and with their new and fresh menu it’s a tease that worked for me perfectly. The new menu features a whole new host of delicious dishes along with many of their old favourites and reflects a unique combination of creative and high-quality Asian cuisine.

Whether you are looking for appetizers, dimsums or a hearty meal, the new menu has an array of dishes which they claim are packed with powerful nutrients and flavoursome ingredients both in the variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies from all over Asia. They also have a “Meal in a Bowl” section which has had a make-over with both refined and new additions.  All dishes are available with a choice to make it a main dish or a personal meal with a choice of rice or noodles. 

The new  menu options are unique and exciting while being pocket friendly yet using exotic ingredients in microwavable packages so it is “ready to eat” from the box. Packages come with accompaniments including cutlery and tissues so there is no hassle of doing dishes later. Happy Hakka also provides packaging for groups of people and “party packages” so as to make your dining experience even more convenient and fun.

Next on the table was Thai Soul Curry (Rs 299). Well if you’re not a big fan of coconut milk (like several of my colleagues) then this not the dish for you, but if you are then it’s worth a try. The diced chicken in thick coconut milk gravy served with steamed rice is one of the best I’ve had in Delhi.  

Let’s talk vegetarian now. Being a diehard non vegetarian food is something I hardly prefer but being honest to my job required having a few vegetarian dishes too. In vegetarian we had a platter of Emperor’s Hotpot Tofu served with flat noodles. For Rs 329 it was by far the least likable dish on the table. Ironically it was the most expensive dish on the menu too. The tofu was fine but the gravy was watery with all flavours going in the opposite direction and huge lumps of spinach floating around. 

Although the Green Bean salad (Rs 99) was something I really enjoyed too and think will make the perfect healthy snack for a movie night. Overall the Happy Hakka was is good place to order from but if you are a vegetarian I’d say tread carefully for they somehow rock the non vegetarian section but need to look at their vegetarian side of the menu. 

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