The Chatter House

Khan Market

Meal for two:  Rs1800 plus taxes


Gastropub “The Chatter House” has recently opened a new branch at Khan Market after debuting at Epicuria in Nehru Place in 2013. As you climb up the stairs of the gastropub you hear faint music. The music as you reach upstairs, becomes clear and loud enough to allow the conversations. Music from the bygone era can be heard at The Chatter House. The very USP of the place is that one can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and also enjoy a spirited conversation at the same time. 

The pub at Khan Market is a typical Irish -themed pub with tan leather & dark wood interiors covered with iron and bricks, Irish rock bands music lyrics and especially Irish music wall art. The wooden furnished seating area and the posters of multi-genre artists on the wall give a vintage feeling to the visitors. The pub gives a lively retro vibe.

Try the much talked about “Blue Cheese Naan” served with the topping of shredded pineapples and dal makhni shots. Yes! The dal makhni will be served in glasses which are typically used to deliver shots. Go for “Almond Citrus Salad” which is made using roasted almonds, Valencia oranges, salad greens and feta dressed in Cider Vinaigrette. This is quite a different salad and is perfect for someone for anyone who is conscious of their health. From the mains we tried Mac & Cheese which is regular macroni and cheese.

The “Traditional Fish and Chips” are a delight to taste. The deep fried fish is served with tartar sauce, house cut fries and side salad. The tender fish with chips are a perfect main course meal.

In bar snacks amongst other dishes, “Toastadas” stands out. Here crunchy tortillas are topped with kidney beans, peppers, salsa and sour cream. This is a perfect dish to snack while you chatter away endlessly with your friends. “Barbeque Chicken Wings” another bar snack are quite crispy chicken wings which are served with Chatter House Barbeque Sauce.

The portions, especially of snacks and main course are large and delectable.

In the mocktails, we tried “Indie Cola” and “Spice Charmer”. Both these drinks are a must try as these are laced with chat masala which makes the drink all the more flavoursome.  While “Indie Cola” is topped with mint, black salt, cola and chat masala, “Spice Charmer” is made using Guava Juice, Sprite and chat masala. Both these mocktails can be your perfect accompaniment with almost any dish you eat here.

The Chatterhouse also serves alcohol and cocktails.

The pubs’ atmosphere is such that it will appeal to both young and old alike. Apart from mouthwatering food, there are various events like music and dance shows which are arranged for the delight of the visitors. The gigs are enjoyable for diverse spectrum of guests ranging from 15 year olds to a 70 year. So next time you visit Khan Market do check-in at The Chatter House for the ultimate gastronomic experience. 

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