Indigo Deli  

Address: Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Meal for two: Rs 2,000


A delicatessen, abbreviated commonly as deli, is the name for a shop that sells particularly delicious and foreign made foods products like sausage, cheese, breads and wines. The word originates in Latin and means delicacy. And delicate is the first word one could use to describe the food at Indigo Delicatessen’s new spacious property in Cyber Hub, Gurgoan.        

Right from the salad, the subtle yet remarkable taste of the very smooth dressing on the fresh lettuce leaves was perhaps only overshadowed by the liberating taste of the dessert. The citrus salad, made of fresh herbs and citrus fruits, was highly recommended by the manager and rightly so. The verity of its ingredients assures a healthy mix of flavors and subtle juices. But it was the caesar salad with shrimp that had us elated with its silky, smooth, cheesy dressing punctuated by salt and pepper. The shrimp was so good that it deserves not to be clubbed in with the same sentence as the salad’s dressing. Pink as it’s supposed to be, it contrasted perfectly the shades of green in the plate and biting into it was like hot knife through butter.

This was followed by an order of green peas and ricotta filled ravioli with a delicate saffron sauce and a much talked about Indigo Deli pork ribs. The ravioli is the perfect vegetarian alternative, the peas and the ricotta cheese make a warm and rich filling, which would appeal even to ardent meat eaters, and paired with the saffron sauce it’s a hit. The pork ribs, perfectly displayed in the plate accompanied by buttered corn bread would be a perfect homecoming for rib lovers. The barbeque taste goes bone deep in the pork and it slides off the bones with the slightest of efforts. Stuffed corn fed chicken was next, its bacon, cheese and mushroom filling topped with the creamy mustard sauce took the level of plenty on our table up by many notches. Though it makes you a little guilty eating two different animals (pig and chicken) grated into one, it is some compensation that this will be like a reawakening to your taste buds. The spinach on the side works to balance out the plentiful taste of the chicken.

All these heavy dishes were very naughtily interrupted with slices of the wafer thin pizza, a mix of three cheese and chorizo and scamorza pizzas. The crunchy base mixed with the quality toppings is a great hang out food accompanied with beer, if you ever find yourself with time on your hands in Cyber Hub.

Last was the dessert, the dish that topped all the others. One croissant pudding with bourbon sauce and one blueberry cheese were placed in front of us after the table was cleared of all the crumbs from the previous dishes. This ritualistic clearing was almost necessary lest the beautiful presentations of the desserts be disturbed. Though the cheese cake was quite good it did not hit the same notes as the croissant pudding. The stiff yet puffy croissant cake aided with its strong bourbon sauce hits right in the head, makes you delirious and then intoxicated by the time you finish it. And you will finish it if you respect food.

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